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"Might As Well Dump 'Em, Get Another"

John's. Andre's come by to throw himself on Prop Joe's mercy. As Prop Joe works on some kind of electronic device or other, Andre whines that he didn't even want to press charges, but that "they" made him, and now are mad at him because the charges didn't stick. Prop Joe asks who "they" are. Andre dances around it for a second, but eventually says it's Marlo, asking whether Prop Joe's heard of him. Prop Joe breezes that he may have heard the name. Andre says he needs to "chill for a while" until this whole thing blows over. Prop Joe chuckles, "Why is it that every Baltimore nigga think that running the fuck away means crossing downtown?" He says that Andre should be in New York or Philadelphia or something, and Andre says he realizes that, but that he doesn't know anyone in either of those places. Andre suggests that if he handed over his store, Prop Joe could front him some cash for it and get him out of town with some people Prop Joe knows: "I mean, I'd come to the Eastside, with you, but too many Westside motherfuckers are with Marlo!" Prop Joe sets down whatever he's been working on, commenting that the problem with machines like it is that they're too cheap. He kicks it epigraph-style: "Some people would think, for what it's worth, to fix it and make the shit work right, you might as well dump them and get another." Andre doesn't understand what he's getting at, so Prop Joe decides to take it out of the hypothetical and offers Andre $2000 and a free ride "north" for his store. Andre whines that his store is worth a lot more than that. "That depends, don't it?" says Prop Joe, knowing that the weaker party in any negotiation is the one who can't afford to walk away.

Duquette's class. The teams work on their models. Two descend into bickering and worse (one guy flinging a model piece inches from Parenti's head), but Namond easily splits up the job among himself and his teammates, as Bunny takes notice.

Prez's class. Since a deal is a deal, Prez is buying Randy's candy online as Randy looks on, grinning hard enough to break his face.

Duquette's class. Chandra is putting the finishing touches on her team's Big Ben model, but it's shoddily constructed and collapses. At the adjacent table, Namond's team's Eiffel Tower model appears to be assembled. Namond slides the few leftover pieces into his pocket and announces that they've finished. Chandra calls bullshit and stomps over to test whether it's going to fall apart, but confident Namond says that it's "built to last." Duquette asks about the extra pieces. "What extra pieces?" asks Namond, frowning in confusion. Bunny checks out the model, looking impressed, and can't hide his chuckle as he asks Namond, "What's in your pocket?" Namond claims there's nothing in his pocket, and smugly asks Bunny where he can get a good steak. Bunny and Duquette have to smile at their achievement. And who's to say the instructions wouldn't have told them they'd thrown in a few extra pieces in case some got lost or something? Hell, anyone who's ever put together anything from Ikea knows that furniture can stand perfectly well with a whole pile of unused screws and dowels.

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