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Rawls's office. Carcetti, attended by Norman, is tersely laying out his plan to contain the intractable Burrell. First: upon Carcetti's inauguration, Burrell is not to undertake any initiative without clearing it through Rawls; day-to-day administration is Rawls's responsibility. Second: Carcetti acknowledges that although Valchek is a hack, he has earned a favour; he confirms that Valchek won't be able to do any real damage as Deputy for Admin. Rawls says he'll keep an eye on Valchek there. Third: Daniels is going to be in charge of CID. Rawls kind of makes a face, but admits that he's "good police," if one with an independent streak. "Independent from who?" asks Norman, the grave tone mitigating the bad grammar. By way of answer, Rawls says the promotion is fine, and asks what else Carcetti needs. Carcetti says that's it for now, but as he turns to go, Rawls says, "About Ervin -- if you don't mind my asking, why keep him as a puppet commissioner when you can just fire the guy?" Norman and Carcetti share a long look, and finally Norman replies, "We mind you asking." Mayor-elect snap!

At a convenience-store ATM, Michael uses his mother's DSS card (whereupon we learn that her first name appears to be Peylene...or possibly Reylene; it's too blurry to read on my non-HD computer screen) to take out some cash. Outside the store, Dukie and Randy are sharing some Skittles when Michael emerges, scowling. Both take note of his dark expression, but neither says anything, and finally Michael asks Dukie whether he's ever called Social Services on his mother. Dukie doesn't answer, and Michael says he was just wondering what happens if you do it; he says that his mother brought someone home who won't leave. Randy wisely tells Michael not to call Social Services, since they might put him in a group home, or even split up Michael and Bug. Dukie nods knowingly. Michael says he just wants the guy to leave, and Randy figures out that Michael's talking about Bug's father. Dukie suggests that Michael talk to a teacher -- Prez, perhaps, since he's been good to them. Michael says that Prez did tell him he could speak to a social worker, but Randy discounts that suggestion on the grounds that the school social worker is a drunk. Dukie mentions Cutty instead. Michael frowns, and Randy asks what problem he has with Cutty. Michael, squinting, says he doesn't know: "Like, he just too friendly, you know? That shit creep me out, man. Like he some type of faggot or something." Randy confidently rules that out on the grounds that Cutty is "all up into women." Dukie does this hilarious solemn nod of confirmation as to Cutty's tomcat status. But this evidence is not convincing to Michael, who announces that "them faggots will be just like that, too." Of course, Michael isn't talking about gay men (who really would not bang as many kids' moms as Cutty has) but pedophiles, and gets increasingly agitated: "He just too friendly, you know? Everybody just too motherfucking friendly!" Michael stomps off, and Dukie and Randy exchange a look, like either one of them wouldn't mind it if their biggest problem in life were too much friendliness.

Corner. Dozerman and Herc watch as Bubbs pulls the hat trick. Herc can't believe it when he sees the red hat go to the biggest guy out there.

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