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The Urban League's high-school debate is over, and Carcetti's holding court to the press about the state of our schools. To summarize: everything he's done for the schools has been great, and everything the current governor says is a filthy, politically-motivated slander. Then in the middle of a filibuster on how increases in third-grade test scores are sustainable despite ample evidence to the contrary, Carcetti catches sight of Bunny walking through the parking lot -- Bunny's glare does not promise a happy reunion -- and begins to lose his train of thought. "Could you excuse me for a moment, please?" Carcetti says to the assembled press as he walks toward Bunny, and because there's no press corps as docile as the one in Baltimore, apparently, they let him go without a fuss: "Hmmm...the mayor cut off a press interview mid-answer to go talk to a man who looks a lot like disgraced former police major Howard Colvin. Ah well -- probably nothing." Anyhow, Carcetti catches Bunny before he can drive to a hack-free zone. "Major Colvin," Carcetti begins. "Just 'Colvin,'" Bunny reminds him. Carcetti extends his hand, which remains there, awkwardly, for quite some time. "You know, I always wanted to say how sorry I am about the way things turned out," says Carcetti. Not sorry enough anything about it. But sorry nonetheless. That and $1.79 and you can treat yourself to a Hostess Fruit Pie. Carcetti protests that there wasn't anything he could have done about that whole legalizing-drugs experiment of Bunny's. Bunny's response is to smile wearily and turn away -- I think it is only the reassuring touch of Mrs. Bunny and the presence of Namond that is keeping Bunny from letting loose with a stream of okay-for-HBO vocab words. "Yeah, well I guess, Mr. Mayor," Bunny finally says, "there's nothing to be done." I'm beginning to get the impression that this isn't about Hamsterdam at all. The Colvin family gets in the car, Bunny only breaking his staredown with the mayor once it's time to drive off -- it's a long way back to Panama, after all. "Mr. C, you know the mayor, too?" we hear Namond saying with a tone of amazement. Oh, he knows the mayor, lad -- all too well. I look forward to reading all about this in the morning paper by the way, under the headline "Mayor Praises Schools, Goes And Talks To Guy."

Gus's culinary conspiracy tour continues -- this time it's lunch with Campbell, who is wondering why she's not beating Gus to death with his own tuna melt on account of that story that ran in the Sun about her dealings with Fat-Face Rick. Gus gives her the "it's just business" defense employed by mafiosi, bookmakers, and newspaper men since time and memorial. Anyhow, there's much gossip about the local political scene -- didja hear? Carcetti's gonna be governor and Campbell is gonna be mayor and Bond...well after the Clay Davis case, Bond will be lucky to be a punchline. "What about this Daniels fella?" Gus asks, finally inching toward the reason for this little lunchtime confab. "You think he's ready to run the cop shop? It was kind of ugly the way he kept putting the knife in Burrell like that." Yeah, about that -- Campbell has no idea how the Sun came up with that, which is odd, since she was supposed to be the source for the quote, at least if Templeton is to be believed. Which he is not, as I think we've adequately established by now.

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