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"Deserve Got Nuthin' To Do With It"

Over at Police HQ, Daniels is burning the midnight oil when his secretary pokes her head in to announce that there's a detective outside craving an audience about an urgent matter. It's Kima, and from the look on her face, this surprise appearance by a detective is not going to be nearly as enjoyable as the one with Freamon was the other day.

Back to Snoop's SUV of Treachery, where Michael is seeing if he can maybe dissuade Snoop from carrying out the hit on Big Walter...or whomever Big Walter happens to be a decoy for. "Ain't y'all ever wonder if he even deserve any of this shit?" Michael asks. "Deserve got nuthin' to do with it," Snoop responds. "It's his time, that's all." In that case, Michael would like to propose an unscheduled pitstop so that he might drain the lizard. "Drain the lizard" is what you kids say when you trick someone into getting the drop on them, right? Because that's what Michael does here. Once Snoop pulls into the alley and cuts the engine, Michael pulls out a gun. "Smart nigga," Snoop observes. "You always was. How'd you know?" You mean, other than the fact that you've been done everything short of hanging a target around his neck? "Y'all taught me," Michael explains. "Get there early." That's a lesson Snoop probably wishes she had skipped right about now. But Michael is more interested in the reason for why he's been targeted for early retirement. Well, folks couldn't help noticing that Chris got put in jail for killing Devar right after Michael was pulled in for questioning by the police. Michael protests that he didn't say a thing; maybe he didn't, Snoop counters, but being aloof and questioning probably didn't help his case any. "You was never one of us," Snoop says, with just a trace of vitriol. "You never could be." Michael responds by cocking his weapon. Snoop take s a glance at her own face in the sideview mirror: "How my hair look, Mike?" she asks. Much better than it's going to once he pulls that trigger. "You look good, girl," Michael says reassuringly, granting Snoop more dignity in her death than she ever deigned to give any of her victims. Deserve really does have nothing to do with it, I suppose. Michael pulls the trigger, and we pull back to see the bullet exiting the driver side window of the SUV.

Remember how all of us were feeling warmly toward Herc a few episodes back when he secretly handed over Marlo's cell phone number to Carver? Well, the Era of Good Feelings is about to come to an end, as America's most ethically conflicted ex-cop is busy telling Levy all about the comings and goings of his former comrades on the force. The only people getting OT seem to be doing so through the serial killer case, Herc dutifully reports to his boss. And what of the possibility of a wiretap? "I'm hearing, off-the-record, kinda, that it was a wire," Herc says. "And it makes sense, 'cause that's how Lester works. He gets a hold of a number and works it to death." Hey, Herc? Stop talking. Stop talking five minutes ago. "Where he would get the number, I have no idea," says Herc. Probably from some ethically conflicted fuck-up would be my best guess. No wiretap, no OT earmarked specifically for Stanfield -- Levy ponders what all this means.

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