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"Deserve Got Nuthin' To Do With It"

Just as Freamon is telling Daniels that there's no time to answer all these pesky questions about which detectives might have cut which ethical corners, his cell phone rings -- it's Sydnor reporting that Monk's been pulled over after he rolled through a stop sign and then tried to flee the police. One tends to freak out about seemingly minor traffic violations when one is driving in car filled with enough heroin to supply a Guns 'N Roses after-party circa 1989. Also in custody is Monk's cell phone, which is demanding to see its lawyer. Freamon hangs up. "It's down," he tells Daniels. "I need teams to arrest Marlo Stanfield, Chris Partlow, and Cheese Wagstaff." He also needs a warrant to seize everyone and everything in that warehouse. Oh, and Bunk's got a warrant on Chris, too, on a separate homicide case, and he'd probably like to act on that, seeing as how he held off so that Freamon and company could take care of this drug-bust business first. Daniels takes in all this information like he suddenly wandered into an entirely different show from the one he was appearing in two minutes ago. "Anything else you've neglected to tell me, Detective Freamon?" Daniels asks. Other than that the entire serial killer investigation is a clumsily perpetrated fraud? Nope, that about covers it. Daniels dials up Pearlman down at the State's Attorney's Office...

...and they apparently didn't spend much time on small talk because we quickly cut to an armored vehicle smashing through the chain-link fence at the warehouse, allowing vehicle after vehicle of heavy ordnance-toting police officers to storm into the building. While they're subduing the Greek's henchman, Sydnor has pulled up to where Truck and Dozerman have apprehended Cheese -- Cheese was frantically trying to erase the contents of his cell phone when the cops collared him. Ah, Cheese -- you'd fuck up a cup of coffee. Back at the warehouse, Freamon is eyeballing the heroin-stuffed fridges -- a feature decidedly missing from my Maytag model, I'll point out -- and telling the tactical unit to secure the area until the written search-and-seizure warrant comes through. Elsewhere, Chris is being arrested by an especially ebullient Bunk, who is in the process of making sure Chris's cell phone is safe and secure and in the possession of the police. Finally, we catch up with Freamon at the playground where Marlo holds court. An entire line of Stanfield associates are on their knees and in cuffs -- really, all we need is someone belting out "What I Did For Love" and we've got an all-drug dealer touring company of A Chorus Line. Even Marlo's in the line-up -- I guess he's playing the part of Cassie. There's a roll of money in front of Marlo, but Freamon's more interested in the cell phone. He also picks up that all-too-familiar clock Marlo was photographing for his text messages. Freamon looks at the clock, then at Marlo, and walks away. Kiss today goodbye, indeed.

Later that evening, a speeding SUV pulls to a screeching halt in front of Michael's apartment, and Snoop bolts out. So does O-Dog, though with decidedly less dexterity. Snoop knocks and Michael opens the door: "Shit's on TV, yo," he says. I take it Snoop and O-Dog aren't here to see who gets voted off Idol this week. Nope, they're watching Carcetti holding court on television about the $16 million drug bust involving their employer, and the drug-trafficking charges that are certain to follow. Marlo's still-at-large lieutenants are mostly struck speechless -- mostly, except O-Dog, who wonders aloud "Do this mean I still gotta take that charge for y'all?" You know, it isn't always about you, O-Dog.

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