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"Come At The King, You Best Not Miss"

McNulty and the two little McNultys are at the Northeast Market, making me nostalgic for the market on Granville Island, where, when I was staying there last summer, I bought a gigantic apple fritter every day. Seriously, those fuckers were the size of raccoons. Anyway, all three McNulties are noshing on snacks, as McNulty père conducts a baseball quiz: "Eighteen." "Conine," replies Sean after a moment. Mikey says that even he knew that one. McNulty says that the next one is for Mikey, stopping at a stall to order a lemonade. As they wait, he asks Mikey, "Number 6." Sean immediately says he knew it, but McNulty shushes him. "David Segui?" guesses Mikey. "Melvin Mora, numbnuts," says Sean uncharitably. If Sars were here, she'd have so much to say about these dudes, and wouldn't have even had to Google them to know who they were probably. But you have me instead, and...I bet they're probably quite talented? As Sean and Mikey bicker, McNulty looks up to see Stringer Bell walking up the aisle, probably on his way to get his lox on. McNulty immediately springs into action, leaning down confidentially to tell the boys they're going to play "the spy game." Sean asks, "Who's It?" McNulty chooses "that tall, black guy over there," carefully inspecting fresh produce. "You're supposed to say 'African-American,' Dad," scolds Mikey. McNulty corrects himself, and Sean announces, "I'm the front, you're the follow." Mikey protests that he was the follow last time, and McNulty's like, "Dudes, just go."

It should surprise no one that the kids take to the assignment like a couple of little Sydney Bristows. Sean and Mikey flank Stringer, pretending to shop (like Mikey McNulty has any use for a potato), and when Stringer pays for his purchases and makes for the door, Sean's already walking out ahead of him, with Mikey on Stringer's heels. While they're on the move, Stringer gets a page, and turns right instead of going straight out where he seemed to be. Adjusting on the fly, Mikey trots out ahead of him, and Sean takes his place as the follow. From a distance, McNulty keeps an eye on the proceedings, smiling with excitement and pride. And nothing could be more anonymous than a couple of cute little boys in a farmer's market; Stringer doesn't seem to register them at all. When Stringer takes another turn, Sean catches McNulty's eye and spreads his hands, like, "Now what?" McNulty mouths and motions that they should keep on Stringer, and McNulty will go get the car.

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