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"Come At The King, You Best Not Miss"

Little Man's party. D'Angelo skips down a flight of stairs, watching the scene as intoxicated strippers dance with dudes, and each other. The host rolls up and puts an arm around him, and then we get more shots of the debauchery: Savino staggering out of a bedroom with a girl; people doing lines of coke; incapacitated girls getting tossed this way and that. It doesn't look like D'Angelo's scene, particularly, and things don't get any more fun for him when he spots Stinkum rolling a joint and asks, "Yo, Stink, what about the rules, yo?" "Special occasion, yo," Stinkum replies. D'Angelo frowns, but then looks up to see Orlando getting his dirty dance on with some girl. He nods and smiles, but Orlando's not realy in the mood to make nice with D'Angelo, what with his broken ribs and all. More scenes of party "fun," and then D'Angelo calls out a greeting to Wee-Bey, who sort of squints at him and doesn't answer. The girl Wee-Bey's dancing with leans back against him and whines that she's going to throw up. "No, you ain't," says Wee-Bey sensitively, and push-walks her into a bedroom, where he throws her face-down onto the bed. She doesn't move, and looks like she's probably passed out...and then the door closes. Lovely.

Chez Daniels, the man himself is sitting in the living room, in his pyjamas and robe, a tumbler of booze on his knee and a big old pout on his face. Marla comes downstairs and sits on the ottoman in front of him, reaching out to rub his knee and gazing at him quietly until he volunteers, "Burrell thinks I crossed him." "He said this to you?" she asks. Daniels nods, "In so many words." Marla starts to suggest that he explain-- "Explain what?" snaps Daniels. "That I'm bringing in a case that goes everywhere? Today, it was some senator's driver. Two days from now, a city councilman, maybe." Daniels sighs, and tries to see Burrell's side: "He asked for a charge on Barksdale. That's all he asked for." Marla rhetorically asks how anyone could have seen the Day-Day thing coming. "He saw it," says Daniels instantly. "Burrell." As Marla frowns and takes a sip of Daniels's drink, he goes on: "See, this is the thing that everyone knows and no one says. You follow the drugs, you get a drug case. You start following the money, you don't know where you're going. That's why they don't want wiretaps or wired CIs or anything they can't control. Because once that tape starts rolling, who the hell knows what's going to be said?" Marla sighs. "That son of a bitch McNulty asked me what the Deputy had on me," Daniels remarks. At this, Marla looks up, wide-eyed. "He actually asked me that," Daniels adds. Marla quietly asks what Daniels said. Daniels sighs, and shrugs, and rolls his eyes. Marla takes his hand. Oh my God, what does Burrell have on Daniels? Was Fitz right? INTRIGUE!

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