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"Come At The King, You Best Not Miss"

From the apartment we saw Omar in earlier, we get a glimpse of Kima and McNulty, seeing, for the first time, Omar's ruined van. McNulty walks around to reach into the passenger-side door and set his card on the ledge inside where the windshield used to be, and they move out to their truck. We see that it's Shirley watching, and as the cops take off, she gets up from where she's been sitting on the closed toilet, and heads into the apartment, baby in tow... tell Omar about it, apparently, because in the next scene, Omar's in the detail office, asking, "What you want me to say?" Arrayed before him are McNulty, Lester, and Kima, all looking unimpressed; they sit in silence, waiting for Omar to say more -- which he does, lying that he had nothing to do with Stinkum and Wee-Bey getting shot: "I mean, I don't know nothing about this crazy nonsense." Yeah, one guy's maimed and another's dead; I don't know if "crazy nonsense" is a big enough description if it could just as easily apply to drunken high jinks at an office party. McNulty says that it came back to them quick that Omar was behind it. "You know how that be," shrugs Omar. "Everybody want to believe the worst about Omar. But live and let live, you know?" "I don't see you letting them slide on Brandon," says Kima. Omar: "If I was going to come after certain people, I definitely wouldn't want to give y'all fine people any cause for concern." Lester and McNulty respond with tiny snickers, and Omar adds, "I mean, there are some rules here, right?...No mistakes, no bystanders. No taxpayers getting caught up in the mix. I mean, you just get in close and you hit the right nigger." "And lose the gun afterward," adds Lester. "That'd be a rule, too, I think." Omar leans back, laughing mildly. It's true he didn't do the job with his usual favourite shotgun, I noticed. McNulty explains that Stinkum's death screws the cops over on their case. "How so?" frowns Omar disingenuously. Kima explains what we already know -- and, really, I can't help noticing that there's way more unnecessary exposition in this episode than usual; there's a reason I don't watch 24, Simon, so knock it off! -- and as Omar turns to look at the big board, McNulty says, "While we're all grateful for the case you gave us on Bird, and we all have a certain admiration for your do-it-yourself nature--" "We need you to hang back," Lester concludes. Omar shrugs, "It ain't all up to me, right? Huh? I got a bounty on my head!" Which is a good point; when Barksdale is sending everyone in his organization after you, it kind of makes sense to try to take out his best guys, for the sake of your own safety. "Yeah, we saw the van," says Kima, not sounding too sympathetic. Omar leans back, sighing, and finally says, "Look, man, I do what I can do to help y'all, but the game is out there, and it's either play or get played." The cops don't really have any response to that, and Omar spreads his hands: "What, that it?" McNulty nods reluctantly. "Gentlemen, ma'am," spits Omar, and takes off. McNulty smirks: "Lester? Are we still cops?" "Technically, I suppose so," mutters Lester. "Okay, I was just checking," says McNulty. Yeah, speaking of "play or get played."

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