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"Come At The King, You Best Not Miss"

At his apartment, McNulty tucks Bunk (who left Bar Lady's in her housecoat) into the bottom bunk in his kids' room. Sitting down, Bunk bangs his head on the frame of the top bunk, and as he repositions himself in bed, McNulty says that he sees the logic in destroying trace evidence: "What the fuck did you plan to wear home?" Is now really the time to have this discussion with Bunk? The man has no shoes. As if to make my point for me, Bunk's reply to this is "Huh?" "Shit," says McNulty, giving up and making to leave, but Bunk calls him back: "Jimmy, you know something?" McNulty pauses in the doorway. "You're no good for people, man," says Bunk. McNulty stares. "I mean, damn," says Bunk. "Everybody around you. Christ." McNulty looks wounded, and mopes out of the room. Don't let it bother you, Jimmy. You know how alcohol just lowers people's inhibitions and makes them tell you what they actually think without any social filter. ...Oh, wait.

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