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"World Goin' One Way, People Another"

It's a nice, sunny day on the Westside -- the perfect day for Donut to take a nice black SUV out for a spin. He tips a wave to a giggle of shorties on the corner, and turns onto another block...which is where he sees Walker, parked in his cruiser reading the paper. Walker sees Donut, and mutters, "You have got to be shitting me." And Donut sees Walker and yelps, "Oh, shit!" Donut takes off, while Walker turns his siren and lights on and peels out to give chase. Wanton destruction ensues, as Donut's driving gets more and more erratic and he sideswipes, clips, or backs into various vehicles, finally just jumping out and running away. For his part, Walker gets a little too zealous in his pursuit and hits a citizen, who gets out and yells at him. Walker, watching his quarry disappear up the street, barks at the woman that she must need bifocals, because I guess he's forgotten how to talk to the people in his neighbourhood who are less than 50% likely to be involved in the drug trade. The woman's like, "WHAT?!" and demands his name. He half-assedly tries to put her off.

In an alley, Donut changes clothes with some other kid, and ambles back to the street, just in time for all the cops who've responded to Walker's backup call to look for a different kid.

...and then Walker himself spots Donut's Cardinals jacket, shoving the kid now wearing it up against a wall. Man, getting roughed up just for a bad outerwear choice...that really should only happen to guys in those 8-ball jackets. And girls in those stupid, pointless cropped parkas.

At the loading-dock clubhouse, Donut's poking a dead pigeon with a stick while bragging to Kenard about how hard Expeditions are to handle when Walker squeals up, muttering about how many cars Donut hit. Donut plays dumb, but tries to act hard as he trudges toward Walker, pushing Kenard along in front of him. Before long, though, Donut breaks right, trying to run away again, but Walker catches him easily (as Kenard takes off his own self), complaining about how many hours of paperwork Donut has caused him to have. He twists Donut's arm back behind his back while Donut struggles, crying that it hurts. Walker then decides to give Donut something he can really cry about when he FUCKING BREAKS HIS FINGER! Seriously! I had totally forgotten he did that, oh my God! He's such a bad man, you guys! He gloats that Donut won't have such an easy time boosting cars now. He'll have a harder time filling out a brutality complaint too...but not impossible, I hope!

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