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"The Bigger The Lie, The More They Believe."

Meanwhile, at a fashionable downtown hotel, Marlo pops out of an SUV with a lovely young lass under the watchful eye of the Major Case Unit. "Pussy call," Kima says. "I'm glad to know Marlo has a hobby," Dozerman replies. Foolish Kima! Silly Dozerman! Marlo's not here to bump uglies with some paramour -- that becomes readily apparent once he's inside the lobby and tells the waiting Chris to escort the young lady up to a hotel room where the fruits of the minibar are hers for the taking. He, on the other hand, is heading into a meeting with the rest of the New Day Co-op. Today's topic: What to do about the gentrification in East Baltimore. The answer appears to be move the drug trade into Baltimore County, with Marlo favoring a "he who claims it, gets it" approach. Not so fast there, Marlo -- Prop Joe thinks this time around, the territory should go to the now-upended East Baltimore dealers. "Meaning you," Marlo points out coldly. Well, yes -- but there's also Hungry Man and Parker and Ghost. And Prop Joe -- that's the part Marlo keeps focusing on. "Why don't you let one of you juniors get a shot, though, opening the county up?" asks Marlo, clearly trying to stir some shit. "Let a fresh face get shot at." Prop Joe suggests, as politely as he can muster, that how he delegates is his concern, not Marlo's. "Yeah, but how do Slim feel about that, though?" Marlo presses. Slim Charles feels that Marlo might be getting a little bit too big for his britches -- that's what he whispers to Prop Joe anyhow, as the meeting continues in the background. "He up to some shit here," Slim Charles says. You think?

Hey, been wondering what Bubbles has been up to since accidentally serving up that hot dose to his young protégé at the end of Season 4? Apparently sitting in his sister's basement watching TV and trying to pull himself together, if the next shot is any indication. Except when she goes to work, though -- then Bubbles has to leave, because the last time she left him alone in the house "you dragged half my kitchen to a pawn shop." Bubbles reluctantly departs, even though his sister's working the night shift at the hospital and he's got nowhere to go but the streets. That seems like a poor itinerary for a recovering drug addict.

Chris has gone from the hotel to the courthouse, and if you're puzzled at why he's there, you've got something in common with McNulty, who's been tailing him. But before we can figure out what Chris is up to, we get to watch Daniels and Pearlman gang up on State's Attorney Bond about the imminent neutering of the Major Case Unit. Bond realizes that the disbanding of Major Crimes means his Clay Davis case is effectively sunk, so he decides to join Daniels in pressuring Carcetti. While the three of them are discussing the importance of keeping alive the unit that's investigating Marlo Stanfield, Chris strolls up -- oh, irony! -- and asks for directions to the clerk's office. "Criminal or civil?" Rhonda asks. "Criminal," Chris says. "Definitely." She gives him directions, and Chris heads off while a horn section plays that wah-wah-wah-waaaaaaah sound that happens when Gilligan does something stupid.

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