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"The Bigger The Lie, The More They Believe."

Let us return to Homicide, which is exactly what Kima and McNulty are doing right now, entirely against their wills. Kima immediately plops her boxful of belongings down at a naked cubicle, but the desk across the way from hers is occupied by that young detective we saw in the opening of the show. So McNulty gives the current occupant the hairy eyeball; "That's my desk," he says, quite bluntly. The young detective's all, "Pardon me?" but McNulty keeps staring at him, and Landsman, reading the funny pages, offers no backing. So the young detective gets up and slinks away, and McNulty re-establishes his domain, with a slump into his chair and a kick of the desk. "The prodigal son," Landsman murmurs. Yes, but that parable had a happy ending -- betcha we won't be able to say the same thing here.

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