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"The Bigger The Lie, The More They Believe."

Credits. A new season, a new version of the theme song. It's catchy, got a really good beat -- I could really dance to it. The new version is by Steve Earle, by the way, though for a few glorious minutes on Sunday night, I convinced my wife through false sincerity and a serious poker face that the theme was, in fact, performed by John Mayer. Just the suggestion shook her faith in humanity to its very core. Living with me is very unpleasant, by the way.

"The bigger the lie, the more they believe," is the opening quote from Bunk. Yes, yes -- you just said that.

We are now watching our old friends at the Major Case Unit, as they watch the comings and goings of Marlo, his associates, and his business partners. Kima and Sydnor are stationed in a van; McNulty and Dozerman are up on a rooftop. And Marlo is where he usually is -- out in the middle of a playground, taking face-to-face meetings instead of saying anything that might wind up on a tapped phone. "This would be more fun if we were actually getting paid," Dozerman grouses to McNulty. Most things usually are. Anyhow, Dozerman wants to ask about a story he once heard about McNulty during his days in the Western District. "It's not true," McNulty says, without a flash of interest; Dozerman protests that he hasn't even told the story yet. I think McNulty was kind of hoping you wouldn't, son. Anyhow, the story is that McNulty was on an undercover vice assignment and -- allegedly, I hasten to add, in case his fictional lawyers file a fictional libel suit against me -- he received a hummer for his troubles and detailed said hummer in his police report. "You believe everything you read?" McNulty asks, not exactly denying anything. That's our McNulty -- cool under fire. Just don't ask him to fake an accent, and everything will work out okay.

Say, aren't we supposed to be surveiling someone? Indeed we are, so we join Marlo, mid-conference with a dealer, who wants a 50-50 split if he's going to take Marlo's package, especially with Marlo upping the price on said package. Marlo suggests, coldly, that the dealer could always pay his underlings less if he's unhappy with his share of the profits; that apparently won't fly. "Short yourself," Marlo offers, just as dispassionately as before. Anyhow, the split will remain at 60-40, and if the dealer would like a more favorable arrangement, then perhaps Chris and Snoop can take up the negotiations from here. "And we will be brief with all you motherfuckers," Snoop points out. "I think you know." If that's the case, then, our dealer friend decides the current arrangement suits him just fine. He's escorted off, as Marlo whispers something to one of his henchmen. The henchman runs over to a guy on a moped and whispers something to him, which causes the moped driver to speed off. And with that, the Major Case Unit springs into action -- Sydnor radios Lester, who begins tailing the moped driver in a red sedan. "Every day, the same shit," Kima mutters. Sounds like someone's getting tired of rolling the same rock up the same hill every day only to find it waiting for her at the bottom of the hill the very next morning.

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