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"It's A Thin Line 'Tween Heaven And Here"

Outside, the uni is jizzing all over Carver for his part in the ill-fated raid on the Towers. Carver, smirking, pretends he wasn't there.

Inside, Grandma Bodie asks Herc, "So, how you think you gonna carry it?" Herc, quite sincerely, says that he's sorry for her troubles with Bodie, and for the way they burst in on her. Grandma Bodie gazes back at him, but says nothing. Getting up, Herc adds, "If Preston comes past, give him this [he hands her his card], and tell him we need to talk, okay?" He squeezes her hand awkwardly and apologizes again, leaving.

Herc emerges from the front door, and Carver asks what took him so long. Herc says that he was talking. Carver's like, "Does not compute," but he gets up from where he was leaning on the car and dismisses the unis. Herc gives one last look at Grandma Bodie's front door, and gets into the squad car.

Prez is in the detail office, doing a word search, when the phone rings. Though McNulty is sitting there too, he doesn't move, so Prez takes his word search book with him to pick it up: "McNulty, some judge for you." McNulty picks it up with a grunted "Yeah?," but whatever the caller says causes him to shoot a furtive glance back at Prez and ask to call the judge back.

Cop shop. Jay lets himself into Rawls's office, closes the door, and announces that he's been thinking. Rawls has no immediate reaction, so Jay deadpans, "It's a clear violation of the general orders, I know, but...." Rawls motions for Jay to sit, and Jay goes into a colourful tale about trying to jerk off the previous evening, only to be stymied when "fucking Detective fucking Jimmy McNulty" popped into his head. Rawls is like, "McNulty?" as if he's about to say he thought Jay would go more for the blond Norseman type at such times, and Jay says that he gave up his masturbating plans to "think about the problems of Jimmy McNulty" instead. Rawls patiently waits to hear where this is going, and Jay explains that "it's not Jimmy's fault," because "Jimmy is an addict." Rawls wants to know what he's addicted to. "Himself," opines Jay. Rawls laughs, but Jay says it's not funny: "It's a fucking tragedy." He says that McNulty's come to believe that he's always "the smartest fuck in the room": "And you know what? It's not his fault, because let's face it, he's not going to Johns Hopkins or joining Mensa: he's taking a fucking job with the Baltimore Police Department." He talks about McNulty's first assignment on the force, where, between his commanding officer and his partner, "he was the smartest fuck in the fucking room." "What's your point, Jay?" Rawls wants to know. Jay says, "He can't help it. It makes him an asshole, I know, but it's also what makes him good police. Last year, he gave me eight clearances. One of them was a decomp floater who was John Doe for three weeks." Rawls doesn't seem overly impressed, but he sits up and puts his elbows on the desk. Jay, thinking his efforts have been wasted, starts to get up, but Rawls, without looking at him, says, "Tell your boy to wrap up that bullshit detail in two weeks. He does that, he comes home. Clean slate." Jay beams, and leaves before Rawls can change his mind.

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