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"It's A Thin Line 'Tween Heaven And Here"

Another blackout, and then we're back in the Pit, where Bodie, accompanied by D'Angelo, is pitching rocks at a surveillance camera. From his car, Lester observes, and then looks at his notepad to dial a number. Cut back to Bodie, who connects with the camera, breaking the lens and causing it to droop so it's pointing straight at the ground. "Housing must think we just dumb," he comments. There's a little electronic tootle, and D'Angelo, recognizing the sound of his pager, takes off. In the car, Lester smiles. D'Angelo makes for the nearest pay phone and dials the number. Lester watches, and then his own phone rings. He answers, and we hear D'Angelo ask, "Yo, who this?" Lester ends the call, still smiling. D'Angelo hangs up, glances around suspiciously, and heads back toward Bodie. Superstar Lester, his job done, puts his phone back in his breast pocket.

Kima and McNulty pedeconference, talking about the Title III he discussed with Ronnie. McNulty describes the use of pagers by the Barksdalies as "some sort of throwback thing," and Kima says, "You mean, why not cell phones." McNulty agrees: "Who uses pagers anymore?" Kima says that she was looking at a wireless bill the night before: "Every incoming call was listed." McNulty says that if they can get Barksdale's pager, they might get above the street level, "maybe even trace some supply." Kima is quiet for a minute, and then blurts, "So who's No-Heart Anthony?" McNulty chuckles, and explains that No-Heart ran drugs in the Homes in the early '90s: "So a couple years back, I don't know why, he finds himself in Randallstown, trying to take off a jewellery store. He fucks it up; half the county chases him back downtown. I guess No-Heart figures he's not up for doing the time, 'cause he puts a .44 against his chest, pulls the trigger." Kima makes a face like she just smelled skunk: "A .44?" McNulty grins: "It's a contact wound. Wakes up two hours later in the University ER." "With a new nickname," Kima surmises, giggling. She tells McNulty what she heard from Bubbs about No-Heart's brother. "It's not the easiest trade, you know -- robbing dealers," muses McNulty. Kima says that a man like that is likely to have a weapon on him: "We jack him up, there's a charge to work off. And if he knows where the Barksdale stash is, he probably knows a whole lot more." "See -- another plan," cheers McNulty. And if they can get to him first, they save Avon a lot of money.

Oh, dear. So Polk attempts to throw himself down the stairs in the detail office. He looks like he's fortified himself with quite a bit of Dutch courage just to get to the point of thinking about it. He looks down and...yeah, that's like fifteen stairs. Too high! He's just about to go for it when the door at the top of the stairs swings open and Kima and McNulty appear, still talking about their new plan. Polk steadies himself on the banister and tries to look casual, but they don't even acknowledge him -- not even to note that he smells like a least, I assume he does.

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