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"It's A Thin Line 'Tween Heaven And Here"

Bunk points toward the fridge, then looks back at the window: "Motherfuck!" He takes back the photo of the window, noting what I think is glass dust on the sill. Offscreen, McNulty says, "Oh, fuck. OH fuck!" Bunk holds up his own gun, such that it's pointing at the window from the outside. McNulty approaches, pointing to his chest again, and at his hip with his other hand. Basically, if the shooter was outside, and Diedre had come close to the window, leaning over, to see who was there, then the forensic evidence all makes sense. So D'Angelo's story checks out. And Jay was right! There are a lot more "fuck"s as McNulty gets in close to the little lip of wall by the fridge where the bullet should have lodged. But then he looks at another photo -- one that shows Diedre with her butt pointing up at the camera, so that actress's parents must have been proud -- with a few drops of what look like milk around her wrist. Sure enough, when McNulty opens the fridge, he can see the spot in the door where the bullet must have struck. The hole has been filled with some kind of caulking, which McNulty starts to pick at. Bunk goes to the knapsack McNulty'd brought with him and produces a set of pliers, and with some effort, McNulty's able to pry out the repair material and pull out a slug. "Check this," he says, holding it up in the pliers. "Motherfucker." Bunk takes the pliers and gazes at the slug: "Fuck me." McNulty spreads his arms, imagining the shot coming in; he sort of hits the fridge door, and it bounces back against the bit of wall that's there and slams back, closed.

McNulty opens the sliding patio doors and goes outside, his gun drawn, Bunk at his heels. Approaching the kitchen window, he takes aim at the spot Bunk had circled on the glass inside: Tap, tap, tap. "Pow." Over his shoulder, Bunk passes the end of the measuring tape, and walks backwards, measuring the distance to the other side of a little fence there. Bunk and McNulty both crouch down and start rifling through the grass; even the super gets in on it, kicking the ground a little with his toe. After a moment, Bunk chuckles, and comes up with a shell casing. McNulty smiles. The super looks impressed. MAN that was a lot of recapping for a nearly silent scene!

Near the Towers, Kima is sitting on the hood of her car, laying out the plan of attack for Herc, Carver, and Sydnor. "Again I get the shit detail?" Carver crabs. "The plan is to stay on D'Angelo," she replies. "If we lose him, we lose him, right?" In other words, don't try too hard. Sydnor, back in his junkie drag, confidently says, "Oh, we're gonna lose him. You can't follow people in them Towers. You can't hang in the low-rises unless you got a reason." Herc is still not getting it: "We want to lose him, right? Losing him is good?" Kima smirks, and Carver closes his eyes and prays for patience as he replies, "Right." "Then why the fuck do this?" spits Herc. Procedure, motherfucker, ever heard of it? No wonder you keep failing the sergeant's exam. Kima implores him to roll with her on this one. Herc thinks some more about how hard done by he is.

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