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"It's A Thin Line 'Tween Heaven And Here"

Lester goes on: "A week after trial ends, Major comes to me, asks me where I want to go. I tell him I don't care. I like to be outside, you know? Give me a goddamn foot post -- I'll still make my money, you know. Send my ass up to Edmondson Avenue. I don't give a shit." "You went to a foot post?" says McNulty, like an idiot. Lester: "Major comes back, asks me where I don't want to go. And he asks it like he wants to make sure I land okay. So I tell him, 'I don't want to fucking paper-shuffle. No office shit.'" McNulty chuckles, because he finally gets it. "'Send my black ass outside and let me police somewhere.'" "Pawn shop unit," says McNulty, laughing ruefully. "They got me good," says Lester. McNulty asks why they let Lester "out of the box" to be on the detail. "I guess they just forgot about me," Lester replies. McNulty grins: "Shit, Lester. You back from the dead? You rolled away the stone." Lester sort of shrugs him off. McNulty adds, "Bunk Moreland says you're natural police. One of the few." "Yeah, I've had my moments," says Lester, and then gets a bit serious: "Detective, when they ask you where you want to go -- and they are going to ask you where you want to go -- do yourself a favour: keep your mouth shut." McNulty considers this (perhaps remembering that it's too late), and Lester goes off to pee.

In her robe, Cheryl opens the door for...McNulty. Dude, I don't know if you're going for a repeat of this action, but I think you've come to the wrong place. Cheryl plainly has no idea who he is, and McNulty's too drunk to ingratiate himself. "Hello," he slurs. With some effort, he puts on a bright intonation and asks if Kima's there for McNulty. Cheryl partly closes the door on him, and heads back to the living room, where Kima's curled up on the couch in front of the TV. "For you, Kima," says Cheryl. "A decidedly confused white boy." That should be on McNulty's tombstone. Kima goes to the door, all braless and shit -- not that she needs one, apparently; nice rack, Sonja Sohn! -- and with her hair down, as we've never seen her. McNulty is so drunk that he can't help looking lascivious as he takes her in, and asks how it went today. She shrugs that they lost D'Angelo in the 221, picked him up again in the low-rises, but ultimately lost him on Schroeder Street after dark. McNulty bobs his head: "Nicely done." He makes to leave, and with some concern, she asks if he's all right to drive. He lies that he is, adding that he just wanted to thank her. She asks for what, and he explains, "For today, you know, with Daniels." Kima says that he should be thanking Lester, and McNulty says that he did: "I just wanted to thank you too, Detective Greggs." He smiles winningly. Kima -- perhaps suspecting that he's just stretching out the conversation to extend his look at her boobies through her thin tank top and her legs in her boxers -- smirks that it was no problem, and closes the door on McNulty with a "good night." "That it is," beams McNulty. Kima returns to the couch and asks a giggling Cheryl what she missed. Cheryl says it wasn't much, and asks, of McNulty, "Lovelorn?" Kima says it's worse: "Lonely." Cheryl notes that Kima missed her class again. Kima doesn't respond, and Cheryl fondly nudges her as she reminds her, "You said you'd stick with it." Kima sighs that she's trying, adding, "Things are hot right now. I'm doing the best I can, okay?" Cheryl says that Kima was the one who thought she should do something else: "Something better for us. You promised." Kima gets up and straddles Cheryl, saying, "You know better women than you have fallen for my tricks, right?" Cheryl strokes her side, and then Kima pulls off her tank top, but then we fade to black -- right before all the hot girl-on-girl action.

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