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"It's A Thin Line 'Tween Heaven And Here"

Kima drives Bubbs around a bad part of town, asking, "Are you sure about that tag?" Bubbs says that he saw the van (Omar's, I imagine), and reports its trajectory. Kima says that the plates were reported stolen off a car parked on the very block they're currently on. Bubbs says that the word in the Towers is that it was "Omar and his crew." "Omar?" asks Kima. "Who's he?" An intelligence gap that has led to the peril of many, eh what? Bubbs fills her in: "Omar the Terror. Been ripping and robbing for years out here." "Is he fierce?" asks Kima, adorably. "That nigga don't play," Bubbs replies. Kima asks if Bubbs knows his last name, but as far as Bubbs knows, Omar just goes by his first name -- you know, like fellow gay icons Madonna and Cher. Kima asks after Omar's family, and Bubbs says, "You remember No-Heart Anthony? Came up with him; they brothers." (I don't remember a brother ever figuring into Omar's story, but he'll probably be, like, the focal point of Season 5 if I don't mention him, and I'll have nothing to link back to, and I'll look like a chump, so there you are.) No-Heart doesn't ring a bell for Kima (but he was the Care Bears' antagonist! Come on!), and Bubbs sternly chides, "Damn, girl. What town you been policing at all these years? And right now, I am personally ashamed to be your snitch." Hee! Some device of Kima's starts peeping (pager or cell phone; it's on the seat, so we can't see), and she glances down at it and hisses, "Shit." "What?" says Bubbs in the back, slouching further down in his seat and holding his newspaper up in front of his face. Kima's late for her class. Bubbs didn't know she was taking one, but before she can exposit to him about it, she calls in for someone from her unit to come take Bubbs off her hands, and we hear McNulty respond.

Somewhat screened from the street by their van, Omar, Brandon, and the other guy (I can't figure out what the hell this character's name is, so I'm going to call him Dylan) sit on a stoop, watching brisk sales of the stash they stole, while Omar counts a wad of bills. "Avon's package always be good," notes Omar. Dylan asks if they made a "sweet score," and Omar guardedly says it's all right: "That play was a little bit raggedy in there, though." Dylan purses his lips, raises an eyebrow, and shakes his head in judgment (much as the original Dylan used to do), and Brandon admits that it was sloppy of him to say Omar's name. Well, at least in that context; Omar might like him to say it...other times. And actually, as he admits his fuckup, Brandon's still smiling, because the teacher's pet knows he's not facing any real reprisal for it. Omar says, "I don't really care you shouted me out. Everybody in these projects been knowing Omar, you heard?" Brandon and Dylan chuckle. "I just don't want them coming down on y'all, baby boy," Omar adds, fondling Brandon's hair. Dylan looks slightly dyspeptic at their PDA, but then looks up and announces, "Shirley coming with her game." "Every fucking day with that shit," mutters Brandon as we see Shirley, a woman barely out of her teens, by the look of it, with an absolutely gorgeous little boy in her arms. "Mister Omar?" she quavers, joggling the baby. "My cheque late." Omar squints at her a moment, but then beckons her forward. She approaches, and Omar -- like any feeling human under such circumstances -- can't help petting the baby, playing with his teeny fingers and stroking his chipmunk cheeks. Finally, he calls down the road to a "Mike," telling him to "hook a sister up, yo." Apparently knowing how little fun he's going to be having this afternoon after his mom gets her fix, Shirley's baby starts bawling, and Shirley takes him off, without a word of thanks to Omar. Dylan repositions his handgun in the front of his pants as he clambers down off the stoop, asking what's next. Omar says he's thinking of working a flush-and-run on the Eastside until things cool down Westside. As Omar and Brandon engage in a little discreet foreplay, tickling each other's fingers, Omar asks if Dylan wants to stay over. Dylan's like, "I'd...rather let you have the place to yourselves, dudes," and says he's going to his mom's. Omar tells him to keep it close, and Dylan agrees, taking off. Left alone, Omar kisses Brandon's hairline, asking, "Who the man?" Brandon eats it up. As it were. And Shirley gets her hookup.

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