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"It's A Thin Line 'Tween Heaven And Here"

Kima and McNulty meet in a parking lot for the Bubbs handoff. McNulty tells her he has to be somewhere first, but will drop Bubbs downtown afterward. Kima says that's no problem. Yeah, not for her. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Kima lingers thoughtfully as Bubbs climbs in the shotgun seat of McNulty's car. McNulty asks her what's up, and she asks if he's ever heard of No-Heart Anthony. McNulty's like, "Scourge of the Care Bears? What am I, stupid?" Except he actually says, "Who, Anthony Little? 1058 Argyle, Apartmnet 16J." Bubbs cracks up as McNulty adds that No-Heart is in prison on a robbery conviction: "What about him?" "My man," says Bubbs, giving McNulty dap. Kima's like, "Well, I'm still better at satisfying a woman than either of you jerks."

In a gym somewhere, a shirtless Avon (hello, eight-pack!) is shooting hoops with Stringer, Stinkum, and Wee-Bey, declaiming, "You know how them cracker motherfuckers do when they kill a deer? Or, like, when they go out killing animals, whatnot? Got them on the front of the truck, tied up, stretched out, so everybody could see it? You feel me? I'm serious: that's what I want. I want that motherfucker on display. I'm gonna send a message to the courtyard about this motherfucker, so people know we ain't playing." Wee-Bey says that they've got people on it. Yeah, unless your "people" are ninjas, I don't think you're going to get the drop on Omar. Avon says, "It's $1,000 on the bucks [Brandon and Dylan, I guess], and a deuce on Omar." We learn that Bird and Savino are on the case. Stinkum says that Bird and Omar were in jail together at some point: "He said he all a faggot." Isn't everyone in prison, really? Avon doesn't believe it, but Wee-Bey says that Omar had "a whole stable of boys down in Jessup," adding, "This punk motherfucker got even less use for pussy now that he home." Oh, Wee-Bey. Given what we later learn about your baby mama, don't you think maybe Omar has the right idea about chicks? "So he got a lot of heart for a cocksucker, huh?" says Stringer...appreciatively? For some reason, the news that he was robbed by a gay causes Avon to double the price on Omar's head, before improving the offer even more: "Six [thousand] if I get the chance to holler at him before he get got." Wee-Bey's on it, and leaves with Stinkum. Stringer bounce-passes the ball to Avon, musing, "Stickup come up dead on the stash one night. Police jumping out the next." "Something up at the Pit?" says Avon. Yeah, Steve's putting slugs in the jukebox. Wait -- with all the talk of Brandon and Dylan, I forgot which Pit we're talking about. Stringer says maybe there is something up at the (non-Peach) Pit. Avon chews his gum a minute before asking, "What's up with my nephew?" Stringer says that D'Angelo's doing well: "He making that money out the hole, but he might have a problem he don't know about." Avon chews some more, considering, and Stringer adds, "I'm on him." Stringer sets him up, and Avon gets off a nice, showy dunk. (As usual.)

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