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"It's A Thin Line 'Tween Heaven And Here"

McNulty drives Bubbs through a neighbourhood so nice that I almost can't believe we're still in Baltimore. Neither can Bubbs, who asks, "Yo, where in Leave It To Beaver-Land are you taking me?" McNulty says he's late for something. Bubbs asks what, and McNulty says, "Soccer." Bubbs frowns: "Suck what?" Hee.

Cut to the field, where a bunch of ten-year-old (white) boys in cranberry and turquoise t-shirts are soccering it up. McNulty squeals into the parking lot. The field is down a hill from a very lovely old building; if it's a school, it's a really fucking nice private school. Bubbs gets out of the car and squints at the unfamiliar scene. McNulty, looking uncomfortable, walks slowly toward the sidelines. Elena McNulty (Callie Thorne) is watching happily, but when she turns around and sees her ex-husband, her face immediately falls. Shut up, Elena. Mikey (Antonio Cordova), on the sidelines near Elena, sees McNulty and runs over happily to greet him. McNulty has a huge smile for his son, which is sweet, even though it puckers his whole prematurely craggy face. He hugs Mikey and asks who's winning, and Mikey crabbily reports that the other team is, 4-1. McNulty asks who got the goal for Mikey's team, and learns that it was some other kid, Ricardo, but that it was with Mikey's assist. "Assist? That's good!" cheers McNulty. Elena, standing nearby cradling Mikey's water bottle, eavesdrops on this exchange with a sour expression before hurrying over to fuss at Mikey not to get dehydrated. Meanwhile, Bubbs is, like, right on top of the McNultys, smiling like a fond if downtrodden half-uncle. McNulty says hi to Elena, who returns a diffident "Hey." McNulty, champion of the common man, introduces Bubbles without a trace of shame or apology, which I kind of love him for even more. Bubbles holds out his hand to shake, but Elena covers her unwillingness to touch him by pulling her coat more tightly around herself, and Bubbs, without looking especially surprised or hurt, just moves his right hand up to scratch his throat. The coach calls Mikey in, and he takes off, McNulty grinning after him.

McNulty straightens up (towering over Elena; Callie Thorne is a good actor, but she is really short to play the ex-Mrs. Dominic West), and Elena wastes no time in criticizing him for being late: "He thought you weren't going to come this time either." McNulty testily blames work: "I can't get out here when he gets off the bus at 4. I need more than every other weekend, Elena. He needs me more than that -- so does Sean." At this, we see that Bubbs has withdrawn to wait for McNulty, leaning on the hood of the car with his hands down the front of his sweatpants. For warmth. I hope. Anyway, Elena is having none of McNulty's appeal, and declares that she's not giving up any more weekends: "50/50 split's all my lawyer says I have to give you." McNulty says that it isn't 50/50 if McNulty doesn't see his kids the whole rest of "the goddamn week." He starts to complain that Elena sees the kids every day, but Elena looks at him sharply and orders, "Don't curse at me! My lawyer says--" "Fuck your lawyer," says McNulty, more exhausted than angry. "Fuck you. Fuck you!" returns Elena, somewhat ironically, before storming off in her too-big coat. Mikey comes running back over to McNulty: "Did you see? Did you see?" McNulty kneels down again and sweetly says that he saw, even though he didn't, because Mikey's mom is kind of a bitch.

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