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Detail office. Fitz is about to send a fax, but then snatches it back out again and sits at a desk, calling Koutris. The receptionist tells him that he's not in San Diego anymore: "You could try Headquarters in Washington. Counterterrorism." Fitz knows this is bad, and asks how long he's been in counterterrorism; the receptionist says she's not sure, but that she thinks it's been more than a year. Fitz rudely hangs up without saying anything and rubs his head, thinking how much it's going to hurt when Daniels holds him down and lets Nick beat the fuck out of him for indirectly killing Frank.

Church bells ring. Herc and Carver are still staking out Nick's. Herc bitches that if Nick doesn't come back in the next five minutes, he's going to eat his gun. Carver doesn't say anything, but he looks nearly as suicidally enraged as Herc, who adds that this isn't the way they learned to be detectives in West Baltimore. Finally, they can't take it anymore, and just storm out of the car and up to Nick's parents' house. Carver hammers on the door, and when a bleary-eyed Louis opens it in his robe, Carver says that if Nick doesn't surrender immediately, there will be cops raiding the place twice a day until the Sobotkas "get the message." Louis lets Carver take out his fury on him for a while, and then politely tells him that Nick turned himself in the night before, and that there was a detective there; he reaches to a nearby table or something and hands Carver Lester's card. Even madder now, Carver hands the card to Herc and takes off. Man, I know everyone else thinks these two are kind of fuckups (mostly Herc), but it is pretty shitty that as soon as they're out of sight, everyone completely forgets that they exist. Nick could be surfing porn at their desks in the detail office right now. If they even have computers. Or desks.

Anyway, it looks like Nick will have to surf porn on his own dime, as Mason opens the door to a tidy but charmless motel room and enters, followed by Nick and Aimee (the latter of whom is carrying Ashley) and another agent, who warns the protectees not to use the phone: "There'll be an agent posted outside. If you go anywhere, go with him." Aimee is too shell-shocked to answer, and when the agents leave, she sighs, "What a dump." Lady, only crooks stay at the Hyatt, and your man isn't one...anymore. Nick, with weary sarcasm, reminds her, "You wanted us to get a place, right?" Aimee doesn't seem to find this amusing.

Detail office. Daniels (now clothed, boo) and Lester are talking about where a body was probably dumped when Beadie and Bunk roll up, and are treated to the gory evidence of Spiros and The Greek's old murders, spread out on the table. Bunk guesses that there's another cop someplace else looking at "a table full of heads." Hee. Lester asks Bunk whether they took any photos in the evidence they removed from that ship, and Bunk says he thinks there were some among the gear left by the guy who skipped (our Sam), and that they're at ECU. Daniels nods to Lester, who takes off, and Daniels tells Bunk and Beadie to hit the road so that they can get there before the office closes. But before they can get to their car, they have to stop at the door and make way for Carver and Herc, marching in with laser focus, ready for a major blowout. Bunk asks where they've been, but one senses that if they stopped to answer, it would be in the form of a sucker-punch to Bunk's gut, and they need to save that energy for Lester.

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