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"Business. Always Business."

Terrace. The drug trade moves briskly, as Kima snaps photos from a parked car, telling McNulty, "Eastside, Westside. Cats and dogs sleeping together." McNulty grins goofily, excited to have something else to work on now that this Sobotka thing is pretty much over. Kima's pager goes off, and she evasively says that she's late for something and starts the car. I bet it's something pink or blue!

Port of Philadelphia. Bunk pulls up and gets admitted by a security guard at the gate.

In an office, another guard thinks Bunk and Beadie want information on everyone who came into the port the day they had come to investigate the Atlantic Light. Beadie tells him that they're looking for something out of the ordinary, "probably at night." There's some brief back-and-forth so that we can be reminded that Beadie knows how to talk to port people, and then the guard opens his pier entry log and says that everything he has is "usual." Bunk asks the name of the officer who worked on the pier that night, and Beadie reminds the guard of the date, and the fact that the Atlantic Light was on the pier that night after 6 PM. The guard reports that it was Walt Stokes, hilariously saying the name like it should mean something to them. Walt's not working tonight, says the guard, asking what they want with him. Bunk fans out photos of Sergei and others in The Greek's organization, asking whether Stokes can "make" any of them, but the doddering guard says that he probably couldn't: "Afraid Walt's not as up to speed as the rest of us." Bunk and Beadie manage not to crack up, and as they shuffle toward the door, the guard offers, "Seeing as you've come all this way, though, you might wanna have a look-see at the videotapes." He opens a cabinet in which a few dozen VHS tapes are neatly labeled and lined up. Bunk and Beadie are like, "Why are people always fucking with us?"

Baby store. Cheryl is excitedly tripping through the aisles while Kima trails after her like the sullen teenager she apparently turns into whenever this baby comes up. Cheryl's freaking out over strollers and video monitors, while Kima makes no effort even to pretend to give a shit. Cheryl starts cooing over a Blue's Clues juice box holder, and Kima drawls, "If a kid can't hold on to a little old box without no help, we got problems.", seriously. Please tell me that's a product without a market. Cheryl's smile starts to fade as it finally dawns on her that if she really wants to be a mother, she's going to need to find another lady who wants the same thing, because Kima clearly, CLEARLY does not. She sadly puts the juice box holder back on the rack and turns to Kima, laying it out, at last: "This baby is gonna come out of my belly and need both of us, forever. You understand?" Kima stares back at her stonily. Cheryl goes on: "I mean, it may not be real for you yet, but goddammit, it's real for me." Kima blinks and looks a little chastened, and as Cheryl walks up the aisle, Kima shakes her head; if there's going to be a reckoning on this issue, it won't be happening in the baby store, because that would just be too depressing. It really should happen soon, though, you guys, for real.

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