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"Business. Always Business."

Motel. Aimee, post-shower, is combing her wet hair in the bathroom while Nick and Ashley sit on the bed watching cartoons. After a moment, Aimee comes into the bedroom and calls Nick's name a couple of times, but as he sits there stroking Ashley's hair, it's clear that he's staring through the TV, lost in thought. Impatiently, Aimee asks what's going to happen, but Nick doesn't hear that, either.

As if we're stepping into one of Nick's happiest memories, the next thing we see is the Port of Baltimore, where Horseface and Johnny Fifty discuss a container. Johnny Fifty explains that it's "a hot box," but that there isn't anyone to pick it up. Horseface asks where it's from, and Johnny Fifty tells him it's from Le Havre, except he pronounces it "Lee Harvey." Heh. But the origin, garbled or not, means something to Horseface, who angrily tells Johnny Fifty to dump it and stalks off. Johnny Fifty punches something into his handheld tracker and heads off in the opposite direction.

Detail office. Lester and Fitz are at a computer when Kima and McNulty walk in, the former asking about calls coming into Pyramid from Prop Joe's people, and whether they were for "steady re-ups." Lester says that they weren't up on that phone very long, but that when they were, that's what they heard, "three weeks in a row." McNulty asks how much, and Lester says it was "five or six La-Z-Boys at a clip, to start; last call to Eton's cell phone, the re-up went to twelve." This number is surprising to Kima. Lester shrugs, and Kima and McNulty exchange a look and take off. Once they've gone, Fitz notes that the Adriatica is up. Lester observes, "They ain't doing the dirt, though," and Fitz radios for someone to keep an eye on the can, taking off with Lester close behind.

Spiros is meeting with Prop Joe in a park, the latter drawling his regrets about Sergei and Eton. Keeping a marginally-less-suspect distance, Spiros sits and says, "There'll be some new faces soon. A week or so. They'll find you. Just as they'll find the others that work with us." Prop Joe says that he doesn't have enough of Spiros's "good shit" to hold him much longer than a week, and asks whether Spiros has anything he can send along before he leaves. "The last shipment is lost," says Spiros flatly. "The police may be sitting on it." Prop Joe asks, "You ain't sure?" Spiros, unconcerned, says, "There's more where that came from. Always, there is more." Prop Joe is mollified, and wishes Spiros a safe trip: "Where you say you off to again?" Spiros looks at Prop Joe and takes a meaningful drag of his cigarette before heading off silently. I kind of can't believe Prop Joe would even ask, or want to know, but I guess a guy who would try to -- and succeed in -- setting Omar and Mouzone against each other has big giant balls.

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