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Port In A Storm

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"Business. Always Business."

...Lester, at the detail office, dismantling Prez's board; the last photo, of "THE GREEK?," is still identified with no more detail than they ever had. Finally, Lester puts a lid on the box containing all the cards and photos, and walks out of the empty office, turning off the lights behind him...

...white kids and black kids selling drugs to white kids and black kids, while an old neighbourhood lady is powerless to stop them...

...stevedores drinking out of brown paper bags on a corner...

...Prop Joe checking on his product, supplied by Spiros's new guys...

...another truck, disgorging a new batch of trafficked women to a new black SUV...

...shots of the piers, in very quick succession...

...ending back on Nick, staring at everything Frank tried to accomplish, only to fail, and moving on to his extremely uncertain future. I hope Aimee's even still in the hotel room when he gets back.

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