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"Business. Always Business."

The next thing we see is a super-close-up shot of Nick's flickering eyes. Someone unseen is warning him, "Easy," but he doesn't speak that language, and spits that he's going to kill the "fucking Greek bastards." He pushes himself up, as we see that he's sitting on the couch in the trailer. The stevedores who are in there with him -- Nat, La La, Horseface -- apparently have to use all their strength to keep him there, as Nick yelps, "He was there for all of you, and now you're nowhere for him!" They push Nick back onto the couch, Nat angrily asking him what he thinks he's going to do: "Get a gun? Go play gangster?" "Like your fucking cousin?" Horseface reminds him. Nick shifts around awkwardly, obviously not enjoying having to hold still, because as soon as he realizes that he's definitely not going anywhere, he folds his arms on his knees and puts his head down, sobbing. Just in time to make Nick feel even more hideous: enter Louis. The guys stare at him. He stares back. Nick looks away in shame, and when he manages to raise his eyes to his father's again, Louis calmly orders, "Let's go." Nick looks around at the dockworkers, none of whom seems to have a better idea, and Nick despondently stands and shuffles out like a zombie.

Terrace (I think?). A couple of EMTs -- surrounded by looky-loos -- are working on a woman we haven't seen before, who's ODed. Among the looky-loos are Bubbs and Johnny, the latter of whom asks, "What was she firing, yo?" Bubbs reports that it was Dirty Bomb, with a red-top chaster, and Johnny appreciatively chuckles, "Damn, yo. The Bomb is the bomb." This anonymous woman certainly did get her money's worth, yes. Bubbs wanders off, shortly followed by Johnny, and as they go around the other side of the ambulance, we see Santangelo in the foreground, crabbily directing traffic. Cut back to Johnny and Bubbs, by the open ambulance doors; Bubbs tells Johnny to keep a lookout, and climbs inside, rifling through the equipment and snatching up syringes and vials...but as soon as Bubbs hits the ground again, he practically lands on top of Santangelo. As the officer cuffs him, he looks over at Johnny, already cuffed and nodding out. Bubbs crabs at Johnny for the half-assed job he did looking out, but come on, Bubbs. Sometimes we bring heartache on ourselves.

Port. A bunch of stevedores are loitering around on the safe side of the police line when a cop car pulls up, disgorging Daniels, Bunk, and Beadie, who walk up behind Jay. "At least I remembered to call," says Jay, who's probably waiting for his cookie. Holley tells Daniels that Frank was stabbed repeatedly: "Torso, abdomen, and they cut his throat to be sure." We cut to a shot of Beadie, frowning sadly as Holley continues his grisly recitation: "Single-edge blade. He fought, too. Defense wounds on both hands." As Beadie walks toward the body, Jay takes over: "Ligature on both legs. Weighed him down with something, but it slipped off in the drink." By now, Beadie has made it to Frank, and starts to cry; we get the closest shot yet of his corpse, and as I'm paused on Frank's certainly looks as though he was still fighting when they got to his throat, because that is one ragged cut. Yikes. The cops all look affected by Frank's death, but none more than Beadie, who sobs as the EMTs take his body away.

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