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"Business. Always Business."

Bubbs and Johnny are chained to a table in an interview room when Santangelo lets in McNulty and Kima. "Morphine?" drawls Kima. "From a city ambo? You should be ashamed to be calling me on this one." McNulty just smirks, seemingly relieved -- as he probably is every time they see each other -- that Bubbs is still alive. Which is understandable, after all.

Spiros -- looking as close to rattled as we've ever seen him -- is all in black as he strides down a nicely appointed hallway in a plush hotel. He knocks on the door of a suite and is admitted by a burly henchman. Inside, Spiros stands in a bay window with The Greek, telling him, "The body came up." The Greek says that he saw it on TV. Spiros says that they weighted Frank down "pretty goddamn good," but that "the water just coughed him back up." A symbolist would say that, given where Frank lived most of his life, that was no accident, but The Greek just chalks it up to "bad luck." Spiros shrugs that Sergei would have done better, and adds, "Niko. The nephew. By now, he knows." The Greek says that although their people are waiting for him, the cops must be, too: "I am thinking there's nothing to be done at this point. What he says, he says." Spiros nods that Nick knows his name: "But my name is not my name." There are at least two versions of it that we know of, anyway. He adds that, as far as any of the stevedores know, The Greek doesn't even have a name. "And of course," says The Greek, "I'm not even Greek." WHAT?! That dirty liar! Perpetrating this fraud is the worst thing he's ever done! The Greek laughs, and both sit as Spiros tells him that there is other business: "There's a shipment on the docks this week. One hundred and fifty kilograms." "And no one to pick it up," notes The Greek. "Not just Sergei," says Spiros. "I miss Frank, too." Spiros says that they can't disappear their container, but that they could possibly send someone: "Bring it off the docks. Legitimate." The Greek muses that everywhere they go, they seem to be "walking into police," and that it must be telling them something. Spiros thinks he means that he's going to leave $15 million "to rot on the pier," and rubs his head sadly. "Lambs go to slaughter," says The Greek, leaning forward. "A man -- he learns when to walk away. No. We go." Spiros doesn't like it. The Greek orders, "Call the others in. Let them know there is no longer any point." Spiros goes to the room phone and punches in a number. Looks like the band's breaking up.

A henchman in the back of a car is putting a silencer on a handgun when the guy sitting at the wheel gets a call on his cell phone from Spiros. "We don't wait?" says the guy, Dmitry. Spiros guesses, "Our friends are still there, no?" Dmitry looks over at Herc and Carver's car and confirms this. Heh. Dmitry hangs up, bitching, and drives off, right past Herc's car, where he and Carver were dozing. Yeah, I can't imagine why everyone else in the detail doesn't respect them.

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