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"Just 'Cause They're In The Street Doesn't Mean That They Lack Opinions."

Omar and Donnie are still sitting, still keeping watch on Monk's condo. The lights go out -- "Monk sure do like to retire early," Omar observes -- and one of the henchmen walks out the front. "Three go in and one come out," Omar adds. "Better odds," replies Donnie. "We're gonna wait on it, though," Omar says. "Gonna get better still. If not tonight than the next." "You a patient man," Donnie says; Omar returns the compliment. Then it's back to singing along with The Temptations on "Just My Imagination" for Donnie. What we need is an entire album of Wire characters singing along with their favorite songs -- Valchek singing "The Beer Barrel Polka," Landsman crooning "Fat-Bottomed Girls," McNulty taking a turn at "My Humps." Make this happen, HBO!

At the home of the ex-Mrs. McNulty, Baltimore's most morally conflicted cop must have finally checked those phone messages, because he's at the door. It's about the McNulty spawn -- apparently, McNulty missed a play that McNulty The Eldest was in, and now he's here to make amends. Based on the body language of the kids -- one's strumming a guitar and the other's playing a video game -- they could not give less of a shit. After a few awkward moments of banter about the kid's play and the crazy music the kids listen to these days, McNulty leaves the homestead, promising to make it up to his sons by "taking 'em to a ballgame or something." So don't toss out those Father Of TheYear nomination forms just yet. Elena would like a word with him on his way out: "This is life, Jimmy. This is the stuff that actually matters." McNulty yeah-yeahs her, so Elena brings up Beadie: "She knows she's losing you. Like I knew... I'm not saying this to hurt you, but she knows. And she's ready for it the way I was ready for it." Elena begs McNulty to come to his senses. Here's hoping her words penetrate all those layers of bar grime, whiskey mist, and cigarette smoke so that they can tunnel their way through three feet of skull to reach the place his brain used to be before it took a leave of absence three episodes ago. The vacant way McNulty receives this advice suggests that I hope in vain.

It's Walon, Bubble's Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, and he's unloading seafood from a truck when Bubbles stops by to pay him a visit. This table-waiting gig has got Bubbs thinking -- if he's going to be handling food, maybe he should get himself tested for HIV. Walon assures him that he can't transmit disease that way -- not unless he's planning on sharing needles with the entrees -- but Bubbles seems insistent, and edgy about going himself, so Walon agrees to accompany him down to the clinic.

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