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"Just 'Cause They're In The Street Doesn't Mean That They Lack Opinions."

At the Sun, Gus is having a pow-wow with his fake serial killer investigative team about the next step in this story. Gus figures all the bases are covered for now, so they'll hold tight pending further developments. Alma is put in charge of the follow-ups, Fletch is dispatched to go profile Colvin, and Gus reminds Templeton that it's time to get on that Pulitzer-bait package about the schools. Ah, but Templeton's had a taste of the sweet serial killer beat, and he wants another helping -- he proposes going out on rounds with the cops to maybe do a follow-up story. That'd be Alma's responsibility, Gus says, before shooing away his reporters to their appointed tasks.

Over at Homicide, Bunk is in an interrogation room that appears McNulty-free for once. Well, for a little while at least -- there's a knock on the door, and in walks Beadie, who isn't McNulty, but is close enough for government work. Figuring she's there to check up on her lamentable choice in men, Bunk tries to cover for McNulty. "He's sleeping one off," Beadie says resignedly. Oh, so you're aware then? Well, that will make the rest of this conversation less forced and painful. But only a little: Beadie wants Bunk to tell her where this McNulty-spiraling-out-of-control thing is headed. "I mean, you know him," she pleads to Bunk. "You know what it is that he can and can't do." I think we all know what McNulty can do (1. Drink 2. Whore 3. Policework when he manages to pull himself together) and what he can't (1. Pull himself together). "Look, I'm ready to put him out, okay?" Beadie continues. "For me, for my kids...I mean, in the end, if this is all there is to him, if he can't be better than this, I just want to know." Bunk, bless his heart, tries to put in a good word for McNulty -- he's working a case right now, you know how he gets -- but Beadie ain't buying that line. "Beadie," Bunk finally says, "I can't tell you what to do." Hey, I can, and the words "move" and "on" figure prominently in my advice.

Back at the Sun, we catch Templeton in the middle of what looks like a prolonged sulk, when the bearded dude who's supposed to be working on the schools story with him stops by the desk and suggests that maybe they get started. Templeton waves him off with a dismissive "after lunch," then grabs his notebook and heads out to unleash a little of that M. Scott Templeton magic on a waiting world. And that involves driving to a pay phone in a run-down part of town and placing a his own cell phone. He sets down the pay phone, sets down the cell, and starts scribbling furiously in the notebook. Hopefully, he's composing his resignation letter.

Bubbles and Walon are at the clinic for Bubbles's HIV test. Man, I hope he studied. Bubbles wonders when he'll get the test results back. In another scene or two, I'd say.

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