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"Just 'Cause They're In The Street Doesn't Mean That They Lack Opinions."

...this one does with surprising rapidity, even if you knew Marlo had people lying in wait. Snoop's the first to fire off a shot, and she's soon joined by Chris, O-Dog, and Michael. Omar drops O-Dog with a shot to the leg, but it isn't long before he and Donnie are pinned behind a couch, and a bullet finds its way into Donnie's skull. That's the cue for Snoop, Chris, and Michael to just unload their weaponry on that poor couch -- good luck trying to sell that on Craigslist, Monk. Omar, realizing that he's badly outnumbered, running low on ammo, and unlikely to make it to Episode 6 if these conditions continue, makes a run for the balcony. He breaks through the sliding glass door, leaps off the balcony, and drops out of view. Marlo's gunmen rush over to the balcony expecting to see what Omar looks like splattered on the ground below -- only he's not there. Everyone is very stunned by this -- Chris, Snoop, Michael, the viewer at home. "What the..." says Snoop, unable to finish her thought. And imagine how the poor bastard living on the floor below Monk probably feels about this situation. I know one property manager who's getting an angry phone call tomorrow morning.

Someone else is getting a phone call right now, and judging by the fact that the wiretap equipment in the Major Case detail office picks it up, it's a safe bet that that someone is Marlo. Freamon listens in, and all he picks up is what sounds like the static from a 4800 baud modem. "What the..." Freamon says, echoing Snoop. So Marlo's an AOL subscriber, and Omar can fly -- makes sense to me.

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