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"All In The Game..."

At a ceremony conferring his new rank, Carver salutes a grave Burrell.

In the detail office, Prez carefully takes all the cards and photos off the bulletin boards and into a banker's box, turning the light off after him and leaving the office empty, the lone phone back in the middle of the floor.

Kima -- now at least able to get out of bed -- watches through the hospital window as a squad car, siren wailing, races by on the street below. The camera pulls back so that we can see she's managed to get all the way down a long hallway, assisted by a walker.

Pier, at night. Lester and Bunk walk along, chuckling companionably, and stop next to a police boat, in the back of which sits a morose McNulty, exactly where he didn't want to be. Bunk tosses McNulty a flask for his "maiden voyage," which McNulty accepts, quickly taking a swig as the boat pulls out of the harbor.

Funeral parlor. Stringer's set up a new back room, with a new soldier dutifully counting bills in front of him. There's a knock at the door, and Stringer nods to the muscle to admit more money. A wad is handed off to the counter, and then we get a slow push in on Stringer, staring straight at the camera in world-weary resignation.

Then it's a bunch of quick cuts of...drugs. Being sold. By a lot of people, in a lot of locations, to a lot of customers. Just as the music cuts out, we see a car pull up and a slinger in a "New York" jersey jog over to offer service (with the Empire State Building lit up behind him), and then a figure in a black hoodie, seen only from behind, walks toward the "South Bronx" sign painted on the wall, whistling "The Farmer In The Dell." He stops, and asks a dude in an unremarkable alley if he's the one with "jumbo sixes." The dude asks how much he wants, and the hooded client replies, "Take about three or four hundred." The dude realizes that something's off -- too late, as he gets a shiny handgun in the face, and the customer starts laughing and whips off his hoodie, revealing Omar's face. You know, in case we'd forgotten his theme song. Omar really seems happy to be working new territory as he shrugs at his quarry, "All in the game, yo. All in the game."

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