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Elsewhere, Avon and Stringer leave BALTIMORE CENTRAL BOOKING & INTAKE CENTER - RELEASE. I'm...not sure what's just gone on here, but if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that Avon had just been released from Central Booking. Avon complains that his bail was set at $250,000, and Stringer agrees, "It hurts to even show that kind of money." Avon asks whether Levy's at the club, but Stringer replies, "Club's out. We can't talk there no more." They climb into a waiting SUV, bound for someplace no one will go looking for them. I suggest Arby's.

Instead of my awesome suggestion, Stringer and Avon meet with Levy in a parking garage. Levy tells Avon that there have been close to twenty arrests since last count: "And if you look at the probable cause, they all read just like yours: information from a confidential source." Stringer thinks this seems like way too much information to have come from just one snitch, and Levy agrees: "My gut tells me a wire." He guesses that the cops could have been on a couple of phones, maybe in a room, and asks Avon whether he's spoken to D'Angelo on the phone about "the Jersey thing." Avon, impatiently, says he knows better: "No phones. When I talk to him, I talk to him face to face, in my office, in the back of the club." As he speaks, Stringer closes his eyes and shakes his head slightly, realizing what he's just said, and then Avon gets it too, muttering, "Fuck." Levy says it's good that they moved out of there. Stringer says that if the cops have a mic in that office, then they'll have recordings of Avon and Stringer "saying all kinds of shit." Not their super-secret tips on winning an Oscar pool! God help them if those hit the streets. Anyway, the mention of the office (I guess) reminds Levy to give Avon a message that Wee-Bey called Levy's office. Stringer says he doesn't get why they'd arrest Avon and leave Stringer, and Avon says that's what's "fucking [him] up, too." Levy says that they'll know soon, once he starts "pressing for discovery," a task that sounds like it could be a really boring game show -- perhaps about archaeology. Levy asks what they want to do about the dudes that have been arrested. "We gotta pull 'em," says Stringer firmly. "That's showing a lot of money," says Avon. Stringer points out that, if they don't, they risk making enemies of them. Speaking of which, Levy asks what's up with D'Angelo: "Is he going to see the light or what?" Avon gets pissed at Levy's glibness: "Let me tell you something, man. He family, all right? He not going to buck. A day or two in the New Jersey bullpen, he gonna be crying, waiting for bail money like the rest of them." Levy doesn't seem so sure, but he drops it, saying that they'll "run the money through the families," to conceal its source at least partially, and tells them not to use the same bondsman. He also wants Stringer and Avon to think about who was charged, and what kind of time they can do: "One of the ways to limit your exposure is what's called a structured plea. That means that you're going to have to deliver your people -- all of them, down to a man." Ooh, if they're going to do that, you know what would be sharp? Matching outfits!

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