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"All In The Game..."

Bunk sits next to McNulty to flick another crime-scene photo at D'Angelo's lawyer, who recoils at the sight of it. "His name is Brandon Wright," says Bunk, as we get a little too much of Brandon's corpse, caked in blood and missing an eye. As his lawyer looks away, D'Angelo says, "Wallace was the one who saw. He saw the boy. But he really didn't think about what they'd do." McNulty frankly tells D'Angelo that he must have known: "You were standing there by that pay phone. You knew." "What was I going to do?" protests D'Angelo. "I don't call String, the word get back uptown, what's going to happen then?" Bunk clarifies that D'Angelo called Stringer, who gathered the troops. D'Angelo confirms it. McNulty goes on to guess that they went in for Brandon with handcuffs, so that they could "take their time" torturing him. D'Angelo, looking away, says, "They dropped the body where we'd see it. 'Send a message to the 'jects,' they said." He slowly adds that Wallace "couldn't handle that." He runs down the sequence of events: how Brandon's murder made Wallace want to quit the game and go back to school; how Avon and Stringer called him down to Orlando's, asking him to locate Wallace for them; how D'Angelo defended Wallace against snitch charges and said he was out of the game. Frowning, he seems to realize all at once, "I needed to do more. I should've done more. But I didn't, and fuck, that's on me." McNulty nods, not really betraying much with his expression, as Bunk asks D'Angelo whether he knows whom Stringer and Avon sent to execute Wallace. D'Angelo shakes his head, and Bunk tells him to take a wild guess. D'Angelo sighs that it could have been anyone: "You know, shooters come cheap." Bunk says he doesn't think so: "Not in the Pit. Not in his crib. I counted seven beds when I was up there. Where were the young'uns?" D'Angelo starts out testy, but then starts to choke up, as he insists, "If I knew, I would tell you. I swear to God, I would tell you." Bunk seems to accept this. McNulty sets out mug shots for Wee-Bey and Little Man, saying that they're charged with shooting Orlando and Kima, but that the cops haven't found them yet. D'Angelo immediately says that Wee-Bey is in Philadelphia: "I know 'cause I dropped him there." "Where?" asks Bunk, looking up sharply. D'Angelo's not sure, and doesn't know where Wee-Bey's staying, anyway. Bunk, leaning forward, asks whether Wee-Bey told D'Angelo anything about the shootings. "We don't talk shop in the car," says D'Angelo. "It's a rule we got."

D'Angelo asks McNulty, "Is that it?" Ronnie, addressing D'Angelo's lawyer, says that any plea agreement depends on his full co-operation. His lawyer looks at him, and D'Angelo impatiently tells Ronnie, "Yo, there ain't nothing else." McNulty opens a folder and smacks down a photo of Diedre Kresson's corpse. "Diedre," D'Angelo says, with dismay. Bunk knocks three times, deliberately, on the table, and D'Angelo confirms his implication: "Tap, tap, tap." Bunk knocks again, and D'Angelo reluctantly says that Diedre was one of Avon's girls. McNulty says that witnesses put D'Angelo with her the night of her murder. D'Angelo hoarsely says, "I didn't know they was going to do her. I swear. They played me." McNulty asks how, and as D'Angelo regards the photo again, he explains, "My uncle gave me an eight-ball of coke. Told me to take it over there to her. I was surprised, 'cause, you know, I thought he dumped her. But he said, nah, it wasn't like that no more. So he had Wee-Bey take me over there. You know, I walked up, went to the door. She came to the door, all naked and shit, with this little-ass robe on." Bunk clarifies that even though Diedre was Avon's girl, she came to the door nude for D'Angelo, who says that she used to tease him like that all the time: "You know how girls do. Maybe you don't." I'm guessing girls don't get much chance to be playful with Bunk before he starts setting his clothes on fire in their bathtubs. He gets sort of pissy, but McNulty gives D'Angelo a chuckle for that. D'Angelo returns to his tale, saying that he asked Diedre if she wasn't going to let him in. She said no, because she had to get ready for Avon to come by later. D'Angelo gave her the eight-ball, and she said she was going to "put it on ice," for later. "Refrigerate it," says Bunk pointedly, to McNulty. D'Angelo doesn't know: "Like I said, I didn't go in." He'd started walking back to his truck when he heard the shot: "Wee-Bey, he come running back with this big-ass .45 he liked to use so much, tells me how he was tapping on the window, real soft." Bunk and McNulty exchange a look, having their version of the situation confirmed. D'Angelo: "With the lights on, she had to walk all the way up because she couldn't see what was on the outside. When she gets up to the window and looks out...." With that, the camera cuts to the crime-scene photo. Goodnight, Diedre. D'Angelo crosses his arms, looking away, and Ronnie nods at McNulty, satisfied. "You did good, D'Angelo," says McNulty; Bunk agrees.

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