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Elsewhere, Ronnie is also celebrating, gleefully telling McNulty, "This is a great case. Not just because of Greggs -- because it goes to that and then answers that -- but because of how deep it goes." McNulty even starts giggling with excitement. Ronnie: "I mean, the murders, the money -- Jesus, I feel like I've been drunk ever since that kid started talking to us." McNulty, getting That Look, murmurs, "You okay to drive?" Ronnie laughs throatily as he offers to drop her off so she can pick up her car later, but Ronnie says she's fine: "I'm great! This was fucking great!" Power-mad now, she asks if McNulty wants to "go federal" with the case: "I get cross-designated as an AUSA, and we can really run with it, you know?" McNulty is clearly turned on by how turned on Ronnie is, and just grins at her as she concludes: "Career fucking case." Her eyes are bright as she looks at McNulty, and then she seems to be able to read his mind (again: not a great poker face on our boy here) and deflates a little: "Anyway..." She opens her car door, and McNulty practically trips over his boner coming around her side of the vehicle as she gets her things out of the back seat. He gets close to her as he says, "The thing at Levy's the other day -- I was, uh--" But then he can't quite finish his apology because he gets something caught in his throat -- specifically, Ronnie's tongue. She presses him up against the SUV and starts undressing him, right there in the parking garage; even fucking McNulty is shocked and breathlessly tells her, "Not here! What are you doing?" "Like you never did it in the headquarters garage before?" challenges Ronnie, her lipstick all smeared and shit. You guys, it's hot. They kiss some more, laughing, and then McNulty manages to maneuver her into the front seat of her car. Who knew multiple murder could be such an aphrodisiac?

From the hot cop-on-SA action, we cut to a dramatic game of computer Solitaire. The camera pans from the screen to Lester and Bunk, letting themselves into a dreary little outpost at the cop shop. Lester exchanges fond greetings with "Downtown Roy Brown, the living legend -- in his own mind." There's a little friendly small talk so we know these dudes go far enough back that Lester can ask him for a favour...and then the favour: they need a "trap and trace," but not in Maryland -- in Philadelphia. Roy shrugs that they'll have to go through Pennsylvania to set it up, but Lester says that they can't wait for all the procedural bullshit involved. Bunk adds, "It's a little more complicated than just a straight-up trace. We actually need a list of phones in Philly that called this number in the past week." Lester sets down a card with the number on it, and when Roy asks whose it is, Lester replies, "Drug lawyer. Downtown office." "Thought Billing would be the place to look," says Bunk. Roy says that if he can do it, it'll take a week: "Maybe two." Lester and Bunk hang their heads in dismay and make to leave, but Roy stops them: "Isn't this supposed to be the time you tell me how all-fired fucking important this is?" Ha! Lester and Bunk exchange a look, like they can't believe this might actually work out if they just play the game a little, and then Lester leans in: "The Philly number gives us the mope who shot that female undercover." Roy looks from Lester to Bunk, and then snatches the card back. I swear, I don't know how any cop who isn't Lester actually manages to get shit done.

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