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"I Still Wake Up White In A City That Ain't"

Squat. Bubbs is about to shoot up when Sherrod, on cushions on the floor, says his name. Bubbs quickly hides the needle as he says he thought Sherrod was asleep; he isn't, quite, and says that if Bubbs would like him to, Sherrod could "go to school some," though he says it's been so long since he went that he's not sure if he still can. Bubbs smiles and nods, and when Sherrod turns back over, Bubbs does his business and starts to nod out, dreaming of all the Bubbles Depo outlets he'll run someday.

Burrell's office. He's called Rawls in to meet with him, and is telling him how pissed Royce was. He doesn't expect that there'll be any way they can quash the subpoenas entirely, but says they'll have to make sure there aren't any more surprises for Royce out of the Major Crimes unit. Burrell suspects McNulty, but Rawls says that he hasn't been in Major Crimes for a year; Rawls figures the culprit is Lester, the sober black McNulty of yesterday. Burrell says that they need to sit on Lester, then, and Rawls intones that all the unit needs is "proper supervision." Oh, Christ, whose finger's going to be up the unit's ass now?

Homicide. Turns out Norris's homicide victim was a co-operating witness, so now people will care about the case, and Norris is looking at tons of overtime. Behold, the man who craps horseshoes!

In his office, Jay is perusing an issue of Club when Norris appears in his doorway, telling him how his case just got a higher profile. Jay asks whether Norris knows for sure that the victim's intention to testify in a trial was the reason he got killed, and Norris narrows his eyes, saying that as far as he could tell from the court computer, this dead dude was the state's entire case. Jay very seriously tells Norris that he should bury the drug angle in his paperwork, given that it's an election year; he should work the case, take the overtime, and leave out the witness thing until they know for sure. Norris gives Jay a disgusted look, which Jay ignores, telling him to close the door on his way out. Once he's alone, Jay picks up the phone and asks for "the major." And doesn't jerk off, like we all thought he was about to. At least, not yet.

Tilghman. Prez is getting advice from some veteran teachers, under the direction of Mrs. Grace Sampson (Dravon James). Mrs. Scott, of Language Arts, says that the students should double-space their papers. Mrs. Shapiro adds that Prez should show them how to do it, because they sometimes think it means more space between the words. Prez kind of snorts, saying he would have assumed they'd know better by the eighth grade, but he hasn't even gotten the whole sentence out before Mrs. Sampson tells him he should never assume. There's some more teacherly minutiae, and then Mrs. Sampson asks whether he has any suggestions. Prez asks whether they can have the kids not chew gum. The other teachers all snicker; the oldest in the room -- who's just been sitting there this whole time reading a magazine -- shakes her head disgustedly at the naïve newbie, like she already knows gum is going to be the least of his concerns. Mrs. Shapiro says that Mrs. Sampson's kids don't chew gum, but that Mrs. Shapiro herself hasn't been able to stop hers in four years. Mrs. Sampson kindly advises Prez to stick with basics for the first year; since they're talking about team rules, they can only codify rules they can all enforce. Mrs. Scott adds that Prez should keep his windows clothes: "Makes them drowsy, and drowsy's good." Hell, maybe they should offer NyQuil smoothies for lunch in the caf, just to make sure. As the meeting breaks up, Mrs. Sampson tells Prez to build in lots of activities, to keep his students busy and off-guard. The oldest teacher speaks up, finally: "You need soft eyes." Prez is like, "The hell?" But she doesn't elaborate, and Prez probably figures he's okay, since he's all soft.

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