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"I Still Wake Up White In A City That Ain't"

Brice residence. Namond comes home to find De'londa on the phone, smoking. He snags one of her cigarettes, lights it in front of her, and non-inhales, and De'londa doesn't bother stopping him, because she's not just a very bad mother but actually a cartoonishly villainous one.

Upstairs, Namond goes into his beautifully appointed bedroom to find stacks of new school clothes -- and plenty of shiny necklaces, naturally -- spread out on his bed. He grins and runs back downstairs, waiting on the stairs for De'londa to notice him and tell him she won't have her son going back to school not looking like himself. By way of thanks, he does a smooch face/shit-eating grin combo, because he never learned the word "thank you" because of his aforementioned cartoonishly villainous mother.

Back in his room, Namond turns on his TV watching about twelve seconds of the debate before turning on Halo 2 instead. Tony Gray is really no competition.

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