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"I Still Wake Up White In A City That Ain't"

Upstairs, Carcetti's playing Battleship with his daughter. And losing. Norman sticks his head in the doorway and tells him they have to go. Carcetti presses his hands together as he asks for ten more minutes, but Norman tells him he doesn't have it with the schedule he's running today. Carcetti, ever the optimist, asks Norman straight up whether there's any way he can win the election, with the numbers where they are. Norman doesn't answer, so Carcetti says that if they're just playing out the string, that game is over -- but this one, with his daughter, could still go either way. Norman decides not to argue with his crybaby boss, and takes off as Carcetti's daughter delivers another hit to his submarine. I hope he's a more gracious loser with his daughter than he has been in the campaign.

Tilghman. In a nice bit of continuity, Prez is playing Johnny Cash (this time, "Ring Of Fire") as he straightens up his classroom. He's set all his desks in rows and cleaned off their surfaces with Ajax, but as he gets to the last one, he picks it up and turns it over with defeated resignation, grabs a screwdriver and hammer, and goes to work on the petrified gum stuck to its underside. Ah, so that's why teachers don't want us to chew gum! Not that any of my lazy-ass teachers ever cleaned a damn thing, unless you count licking the screwtops on their cheap wine bottles.

Prison visitors' room. So "Namond Brice" was no coincidence; Wee-Bey is his dad, and Namond's there visiting him with his mother, De'londa (Sandi McCree). Wee-Bey asks whether De'londa and Namond have everything they need, and De'londa -- grudgingly, because that's how she does everything -- says that Brianna is sending them money every month. Wee-Bey asks after his fish, and De'londa instantly cuts from "grudging" to "full-on raging bitch," snapping that they're fish, so how is she supposed to know how they feel about shit? Wee-Bey decides he's done enough talking to De'londa, and turns to Namond, who says he's been cleaning the tanks, as Wee-Bey showed him. He warmly comments on the "fuzz" Namond's just starting to get on his upper lip. Namond grins, bashful, and Wee-Bey tells a story of his own youth, and how excited he was to have to start shaving: a couple of old guys told him that the way to make his hair come in was to put a little of his urine on his upper lip. Oh my God! And Wee-Bey did it! Oh my God! First of all, what would possess someone to come up with a lie like that, and second, why would Wee-Bey be so excited at the idea of shaving that he'd put stinky bodily fluids on his face, so close to his nose? Just yesterday, I dropped the razor in the shower and cut my foot! Shaving sucks! Aaaaanyway, Wee-Bey asks what's new with Namond, and he says that he's going back to school soon. Wee-Bey asks about Bodie and his crew, and Namond dismissively says, "Yeah, he cool." De'londa interjects to order Namond not to lie to Wee-Bey: "He don't even show up for work half the damn time. Bodie told me." Namond insists that he only missed a few days, but De'londa's not done running him down, complaining that Namond spends his money on "nonsense" ( eighth-grader's supposed to be putting his drug money in his IRA?), and that she doesn't intend to give him any money for his school clothes. Wee-Bey asks what Bodie has Namond doing. Namond says he's a runner, and Wee-Bey shrugs that everybody's got to start somewhere. And then the subject turns to his hair again, like, seriously, the intensity with which everyone in the neighbourhood is invested in Namond cutting his hair, you'd think he was Bizarro Felicity. Namond protests that he likes his hair long, and Wee-Bey tells him, "Either you real out there or you ain't, Nay." Well, for now, he's real familiar with conditioner, I guess.

Bad neighbourhood. Monk is being mobbed by kids as he hands out bills to everyone. At the curb across the street, Partlow and Marlo look on, and when Monk has distributed the last of his cash, the kids call out, "Thank you, Mr. Marlo!" Everyone gets into the truck, Monk turning around to tell Marlo, "Your name gonna ring out, man." I only hope that Marlo has a few more guys in his organization come November, because that guy's arms are going to get pretty tired from lugging around turkeys.

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