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"It Pays To Go With The Union Card Every Time"

Detail office. Prez is the first one to arrive in the morning. He checks the nearly empty coffee pot. He puts Johnny Cash's "I Walk The Line" on the stereo. He turns his attention to the board, which is a jumble of photos and cards that would make Martha Stewart weep.

As the song plays on, we cut to the squat. Carver has a night-vision filter on his camera, and snaps a photo of a BMW pulling up the drive at Pyramid, getting a nice clear shot of the license plate.

Back at the detail office, Beadie and Lester keep a significant distance as they curiously watch Prez working on the board.

Elsewhere, Herc pretends to stretch, and slaps a tracking device to the underside of (I think) the car we just saw Carver photographing.

Detail office. Prez puts a "GPS" sticker on a photo of the car. Lester brings him a printout that gets pinned up under Ilona's photo -- the registration for her 2002 Jaguar.

Elsewhere, Carver and Herc roll past Ilona's car in a garage, and flip to see who has to put the tracker on it; Herc loses again...

...and then we're back at the office, another day, with Prez putting this updated information on the photo of Ilona's car.

There's a brief shot of Carver configuring the tracker on a viewing screen...

...and then we're back at the office yet another day. By now, the scribbled index cards of yore have been replaced with neatly typed versions, tacked up in such neat rows that I'm pretty sure there's a cut scene that showed Prez using a ruler and level to mark out their positions. He takes down the 8 1/2 x 11 photocopy of Frank and cuts it to a more manageable size, which we next see tacked up in the bottom left corner of the board. Elsewhere in the office, Lester scans information on cars registered to Pyramid...

...and then Bunk and McNulty show up at Eastpoint Insurance and are easily granted access to the Pyramid file, on which they locate Eton's name, right under Sergei's...

...and then Herc's putting a tracker on another car.

By daylight, Prez tacks a map to a new board. A new board has been set up for, as the cards indicate, "BALTIMORE" "DRUG" "DEALERS." Up goes a copy of Nick's union card, and shots of Prop Joe, Cheese, and White Mike.

Elsewhere, Herc puts a tracker on Glekas's car.

Prez looks at Glekas's picture on the board.

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