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"The World Is A Smaller Place Now"

Pawn shop. Ziggy asks the clerk -- who's inspecting Steven's old collar -- whether he has any bolt cutters. The clerk points out that there are two in the window, and asks, of the collar, "You hung this on a duck?" At least that way he could keep track of where it was; I wouldn't put it past Ziggy to flush a bejeweled cuff down the toilet if he thought it would make a stevedore laugh. The clerk offers $1200 for the collar, to which Ziggy agrees...unfortunately now having made his way to the case full of handguns. Ladies and gentlemen: the poster boy for gun control.

Corner. Nick and White Mike greet each other warmly. They quickly get to business, White Mike saying that he's been tipped that Nick wants to take a re-up from him. Nick says "they" told him they could get it from White Mike, who drawls, "Nicky Sobotka, living the life. Who fucking knew, huh?" Nick doesn't look especially happy about his new line of work, but gets over himself and says that he'll need "two or three G-packs a week," which is what he'd been getting directly from the Greek's people until their recent supply challenges. Nick adds that he was paying "four each." White Mike reacts incredulously to this quote: "I wholesale for five, man!" Nick patiently says, "They told me you was gonna be straight with it." White Mike bitterly pulls out his cell phone (and the shot, as I have it paused, shows us each guy's back-of-the-neck tattoo: a shamrock on White Mike's, and a pi symbol on Nick's, instead of a pierogi or something). Anyway, White Mike calls Sergei and confirms the price Nick had been promised, agreeing easily enough. He adds, though, that he wants Sergei to assure him that he wasn't responsible for killing someone on Potee Street the other night -- someone with "a Greek-ass name" who was dumped in front of a house White Mike had been using. We cut to Sergei, at the dock: "Did he have hands? Did he have a face? Yes? Then it wasn't us." Every good artist needs a trademark, I guess. Back on the corner, White Mike relays what he's just heard from Sergei. They dap on it, and White Mike motions for someone to hook Nick up with his order. Maybe next time he'll want to make it a combo. Or super-size it.

Detail office. "Thank God for the Russian's cell phone," says Prez. "They might be laying off the warehouse line, but at least he ain't changing that up." We watch as Prez and Lester listen to the "Did he have hands?" bit; it looks like Prez might be a tiny bit creeped out, but Lester takes it in stride, because he's smooth like that.

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