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"The World Is A Smaller Place Now"

Detail office. McNulty is typing out his report on the brothel raid, with Bunk behind him trying to help him spin his having totally screwed two hookers -- a recitation rich in clinical jargon that ends, "...and found himself brought to the point of a sexual act." Bunk chuckles: "You're famous behind this, you know that? As a pervert, this report is gonna make you a BPD legend." And that's what it's all about, really. McNulty plaintively says that he can't perjure himself, and has to explain it somehow. Bunk reminds him that he's violated "a half-dozen departmental regs right there," besides which no state's attorney will even bring this thing into court. McNulty says that they won't go to court, since the prostitutes will be deported. Behind him, Rhonda leans in to read over his shoulder, and it's clear from her expression that this is the first she's been aware of McNulty totally nailing not one but TWO prostitutes. McNulty has the grace to look chastened, but he defends, "There were two of them. I was outnumbered." Rhonda looks stunned and horrified, but just stomps off instead of giving voice to the dozens of expletives running through her head.

John's Radio And Television. Stringer's apparently just given Prop Joe the bad news, because Prop Joe rumbles, "You fucking with me, right? Brother Mouzone? From NYC?" Stringer tells him about his complaints to Avon about the insufficiency of their Tower muscle, but insists that he's still holding onto their deal: "This is just some shit that we gotta deal with...My nigga, I would take the motherfucker out if I could, but Avon can't know it came from his own people, right?" Prop Joe says that Stringer can't have any crazy notion that Prop Joe is going to send one of his own people to take out Brother Mouzone: "Sheeeeit, that nigga got more bodies on him than a Chinese cemetery." Ha! "Look, I'm just saying, this your problem, not mine. You want my product, you need to deal with it." Stringer sighs wearily, and tells Prop Joe, "We got some time here. Avon gotta send up word and wait for word to come back, set up a price, talk to Brother Mouzone -- I mean, set up the whole shit. And that's like a week or maybe two." Um, yes! Maybe. Stringer says that by then, Prop Joe's people will be in the Towers, and that if the money's right, "then that is what it is. Ain't no nigga from New York gonna change the facts from the ground." Prop Joe reluctantly accepts that, but he doesn't like it.

Pyramid. A truck is leaving the premises. Carver radios in and tells Lester: "It sits there for two days and they don't offload a thing." Lester copies that, and Prez, at the office with Lester, notes, "They're testing us. They've been moving clean cans." At the squat, Carver snaps some photos of the truck on the move, and one of Eton, on his cell phone...

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