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"The World Is A Smaller Place Now"

...and then we see he's calling Spiros, who picks up at Little Johnny's. Lester and Prez listen as Eton tells Spiros, "The trash hasn't drawn any flies." "Okay, then we go," says Spiros. Eton asks about "Ilona," and Spiros says, "She is home. They kept the children." Ah, the madam has a name. "There are always more children," says Eton, creepily. Prez asks why they don't tap "that cell phone," even if they don't know whose phone it is. He hands Lester an index card with Spiros's number written on it, and Lester says that the call they just heard might be the probable cause they need: "And this here is the little king of everything." He hands the card back to Prez, who opens his binder and looks at another card already stuck inside it: "BOSS MAN." The number is the same as the one they've just copied down. Spiros, they are on to your ass.

Towers. People are wandering to and fro, under the not-especially-watchful eye of one not-especially-vigilant uniformed cop. At the end of the walkway, Bunny and Mello observe, Bunny asking, "How many we got in the sector?" Mello reports, "Double shift, plus the flex squad, DEU, and a dozen guys Tactical sent us. We're on every corner." Bunny nods, and Mello comments that it's pretty quiet today. "Today," echoes Bunny, shaking his head. Well, problem solved. Smell you later, drug trade! As Bunny's car pulls away...

...another rolls up, with New York plates. The driver parks at the curb and climbs out, giving us our first look at Brother Mouzone (Michael Potts), looking sharp in a pair of classic horn-rimmed glasses, a medium gray suit, and a bowtie Laden With Meaning. He strides purposefully up to the Towers and gazes appraisingly at his new domain.

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