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Little Johnny's. Spiros and Eton are chilling at a counter at the window, talking money. Spiros says that $200,000 "isn't a quarter of what they owe," and Eton says that "they" will pay another $200,000 "once their shipment clears the docks," but apparently that'll be it. Spiros smokes contemplatively, Eton commenting, "These Colombians are without honour. They're cheats." Spiros says that the chemicals they sent are good, and Eton confirms that there was no complaint; their clients even want more. Spiros further exposits that the Colombians know he and his colleagues "can guarantee their product gonna clear Customs," which they do, and yet they're still chiseling. Spiros can only suppose that the Colombians think all the money they make is pure profit, so they'll take half what they agreed on because $400,000 is still a nice payday. Eton says that The Greek will be angry, and Spiros replies, "This is business, Eton. The Greek? He will be smart." And probably just as serene and whatever the Greek version of "Zen" might be, just like he's been every time we've ever seen him.

Homicide. The whole office is crammed with cops and suspects as Jay rolls through the cubes, ending up next to Cole and cracking, "You accidentally shoot one nine-year-old in his bedroom and the whole city gets its undies in a bunch." Too soon! Norris, sitting in the same little enclosure, informs them that the mayor went to the scene to get some camera time out of it: "Said the crime will not stand." Cole exposits that the mayor doesn't know they're still trying to solve the case without an eyewitness. Jay asks about "street talk," and Norris checks his notes to say that there were some mentions of Bodie, whom he's already looked up, so he has Bodie's real name. Jay asks why Bodie isn't there already, and Cole says that they have cars on Bodie's grandmother's house: "What the fuck you think you're dealing with, here? Amateurs?" If he did, then it would mean Cole's reputation had preceded him...which statement is plainly visible on Jay's face right before he saunters off without answering, which I guess leaves Norris to offer all the necessary insincere reassurances, not that we hear them...

...because we move on to The Misadventures Of Ziggy, currently in progress. Well, always in progress, frankly. Ziggy's in the warehouse with Glekas, strumming on the old banjo. ...Fine, not really; it just seemed to fit. In actuality, Ziggy's playing hardball, telling Glekas, "Fuck Nick -- this is my thing." Oh, great. Then it is sure to end beautifully. The shot widens out so that we can see Johnny Fifty's come along. Ziggy launches into his pitch: "I got S-Class and SL-Class Benzes -- roadsters, sedans, cabriolets. I got 'em brand-new, with the keys in the ignition. Nothing stripped." "Off the docks," says Glekas, and Ziggy shirtily confirms it. Ziggy's offer is twenty cents on the dollar, but he cautions that in order for this deal to be worth his while, Ziggy will need Glekas to commit to buy at least three. He says that the cars retail starting at $73,000; rounding it off, that means Ziggy will get paid $15,000 for each car Glekas wants. Glekas laughs mirthlessly: "Malaka, a stolen car is a stolen car. Without title, who is going to pay even ten [thousand dollars] for it?" Johnny squirms irritably as Ziggy continues to sell, suggesting that Glekas ship the cars to family overseas -- to places where motorists are less picky about such trivialities as title on a fancy American car. Ziggy ends by flattering Glekas as an "international entrepreneur" and shooting him a big smirk. After all, who can resist an 80% off Mercedes?

Detail office. McNulty and Lester are practically peeing on themselves with glee as they enter Daniels's office, grinning like goons. McNulty proudly reveals that there's a big night ahead for him: "Or should I say [for] James Cromwell of Knightsbridge." McNulty's "British" "accent" hasn't really tightened up over the course of the day, though, and Daniels can't hide his amusement: "Excuse me?" Back in his normal voice, McNulty explains, "Cromwell was the English fuck who stole my ancestors' land, and the other ones are all from rock 'n roll songs." We should probably be relieved he's not claiming to be Henry the Eighth, from Kokomo. He indicates the printout he'd brought in, saying that at 10 PM the next night, a shuttle will pick him up at the parking lot where he and Kima had found their initial john. Daniels is pleased, expositing that they'll have Kima wire McNulty before he goes in. Lester sighs, "Shame we're not up on a good phone right now. Be nice to tickle the wire when we raid the brothel." Tickling the wire is one of the services McNulty could be enjoying when he gets there, I believe. Daniels optimistically says that, with luck, they'll be back up in time. Lester and McNulty happily bustle out, but Daniels stops them at the door, saying he's concerned that Sergei, a Russian immigrant deeply involved in criminal activity of the sort they're investigating, has no police record that they're aware of. As Lester looks through the papers Daniels had been studying, Daniels asks McNulty to tap Fitz at the FBI and see if Sergei has a federal record. McNulty sighs, "After that meeting on the Barksdale case, I kind of made a point of pissing him off, remember?" Lester: "So what -- you do that to everybody." HA! It's funny 'cause it's true. McNulty doesn't even bother denying it.

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