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"The King Stays The King"

In the Pit, Bodie -- inadequately dressed for the cold, it looks like, complains to D'Angelo that the package is late. D'Angelo exposits that it usually comes off the train "street-ready," but that this particular batch is being put in vials as they speak. Maybe they're mixing in a little Fun Dip -- you know, for a laugh. Some dude rolls up asking for testers, like Jennifer Aniston smurfing moisturizer samples in Friends With Money; Bodie is disgusted that the guy is "fiending for it" when it's not even 9 AM. Isn't it a little disingenuous to offer a superlative product and then cuss out the people most fond of it? Don't piss off your base! D'Angelo quietly makes my point to Bodie: "You just gonna take his money all day and treat him like a dog?" Bodie defends himself by saying the guy's "a goddamn drug addict," to which D'Angelo points out that Bodie's "a goddamn drug dealer." Dude, seriously. You want to shit on people for their unfortunate circumstances, find your way onto the Republican ticket in '08. "What, the customer's always right?" spits Bodie. Wallace agrees: "We're in the Projects. The customer be fucked up. You can't give these niggers shit, man." "Why can't you?" asks D'Angelo. "Shit, everything else in the world gets sold without people taking advantage. Scamming. Lying. Doing each other dirty. Why it gotta be that way with this?" Hey, that sounds familiar. Maybe McNulty should become a teacher; he seems to have a way of getting through to at-risk youth. "'Cause they dope fiends," says Poot slowly. "Yeah, but the game ain't gotta be played like that, yo," says D'Angelo. He insists that there's a way to deal drugs that doesn't end in mutilation, dismemberment, or death. Hey, send a memo to that effect to Prez, why don't you. Bodie looks highly dubious. D'Angelo: "You think 5-0 would care about niggers getting high? In the projects? Man, 5-0 be down here about the bodies, yo." Planting a little Season 3 seed, I see.

The discussion group breaks up when Bubbs shows up with his garbage bag of lids. The Barksdalies are as indulgent as Wee-Bey was...

...and we cut to Kima on a different roof, snapping pictures, McNulty at her side. Bubbs puts the red hat on D'Angelo first. "Him we know," says McNulty, rather unnecessarily. Then the red hat goes on Bodie; Kima gets a nice shot of his face, looking fed up, per usual.

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