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"The King Stays The King"

Outside, Omar makes a getaway in his van as D'Angelo, oblivious, returns with a bag of take-out. The Pit appears empty except for Bubbs, leaning against a doorway, his eyes wide so we're meant to know he saw the heist go down.

A new day (the fated Wednesday, by the look of all the activity bustling around the detail office), Kima's apparently just finished telling McNulty what she heard from Bubbs -- he even got the tag number on Omar's van. The camera pulls back, and we see that Prez has returned; as everyone else gets all strapped and macho, he's nerdily wandering the office in his sport jacket and chinos. It's like the rest of the class is going on a field trip, and he has to stay back and lick envelopes because he forgot his permission slip. Daniels enters to run down the plan. Basically: ambush. He looks down at McNulty and asks, "What's with you?" McNulty shrugs, and Daniels hisses, "My office."

In Daniels's office, McNulty announces that he's not going: "I'm not jumping out on something that will harm the case." Daniels asks if McNulty thinks this was all his idea: "I got the Deputy Ops on my ass for this shit! Now I got you showing me up in front of the whole damn detail!" Not shown: Prez pressing his face against the door and squealing, "I'll go!" McNulty respectfully (for him) says that he's not trying to show anybody up. "Get your vest on," says Daniels. "No," says McNulty. "I got police work to do." Daniels gets in his face: "Motherfucker, if you felt this way, why didn't you call in sick?" It's so weird to hear Daniels use a bad word! Normally his rage is all bottled up; I feel like we never get to see it explode. "I'm not sick," says McNulty. "Yeah, you are," mutters Daniels. He stomps over to some clerical area and grabs a sheet of paper: "Give me a 95 on why you are physically unable to participate in today's action." Um, he stubbed his vagina? "I'm gonna lie so you can save face?" spits McNulty. "Come on!" says Daniels. "Write it up! 'I can't jump out with my unit because my tummy hurts!'" "I'm not gonna help you gut this case," McNulty insists. "If you want to pretend to be a police, you go ahead." He strides out with a hard-on for his own righteousness, and leaves. Daniels stomps out, checks his watch, and orders, "Let's do it." As the detail gets ready to roll out, Herc walks in, just in time: "I'm up." "You're on medical," says Daniels. "I'm up, boss," Herc repeats. Dude, you still have a piece of gauze on your fool head RIGHT NOW. What are you going to do to the subjects -- scab on them? Daniels considers for about a split second, and then tells Carver, "Get him a vest." Carver complies, smiling, and everyone takes off, leaving Prez behind to work on his multiplication tables.

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