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"The King Stays The King"

In an otherwise empty parking lot at night, McNulty sits in his car, drinking and waiting. After a moment, Fitz pulls up in his car, parking beside McNulty and forcing him to lean across the front seat to roll down the window -- by hand! He might as well be sitting there in a horse and buggy. "I can tell you were never in patrol," he bitches. Fitz smirks and comes around, so that the driver's-side windows are side by side. McNulty asks what's up, and Fitz says, "I didn't want to tell you in front of the girl, her being from Narcotics and all. Daniels is dirty." "You know this?" McNulty asks, incredulous. Fitz says that the PD came to the feds with suspicions the previous year: "Integrity questions. They didn't want to go to Internal Affairs, because that office leaks like a sieve." McNulty adds that IAD couldn't handle a case anyway, with which Fitz agrees. He goes on: "We did a two-month assets investigation. The man has a couple hundred thousand more in liquid assets than any police lieutenant should ever have." McNulty suggests that he goes to Atlantic City. Fitz thinks he's joking, but McNulty says that Daniels might have other sources of income. Fitz agrees that he might: "We never got the chance to go further." McNulty asks what happened, and Fitz says that they took Burrell what they had: "He says, 'Thank you, we'll take it from here.'" The FBI backed off, and nothing happened; it's been over a year, and Daniels is still Supervisor of Narcotics. Fitz says he just thought McNulty would want to know. McNulty thanks him, and kills his brew.

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