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"The King Stays The King"

In the A/V room, Fitz plays it: it's the stash house we saw earlier, getting busted. He ruefully says that it's a career case, not that his bosses care. Kima doesn't know why, and McNulty explains, "All of them mopes in bracelets, and not one of them named Osama." Fitz says that he owes McNulty for the case, and asks what they need. McNulty reels off a bunch of gear they're looking for. Fitz: "That's all?" He asks who's running the case, so he can tell his supervisor. McNulty tells him Daniels, from Narcotics. Fitz seems to recognize the name, but he shoots a look at Kima and just says, "All right, no problem." Kima and McNulty register the pause, but say nothing.

Back at the Pit, it's raining. Something is about to happen that, I have to say, it never would have occurred to me in a million years is a component of running a drug-dealing operation. Wallace, Bodie, and Poot come around a corner, where a bunch of junkies are just milling about. Bodie yells that they all know what this is, and orders them to line up against the wall. As they do, we cut to a view of the proceedings through a blurry window. Bodie promises that they can get "red tops" and "testers" around the corner. The junkies sort of trot around the corner, but before we can see what happens next, we pull back to the blurry window and into a parked Jeep, where "Mister" Omar Little (Michael K. Williams) is surveilling the scene, sitting shotgun; Brandon (Michael Kevin Darnall) is in the driver's seat. Around the corner, where Omar can't see, the lined-up junkies are each being handed a vial. Then, back at the car, we watch as one person -- it's hard to tell, because it's far away, but it possibly could be Poot -- peels off from the group and runs into a low-rise door. In the car, Omar asks if they saw that. We now get a shot of all their faces, and see that there's another guy, with a camouflage bandanna, sitting between Omar and Brandon; he's got a little spiral notebook in his hands, which at first makes me assume he's taking notes on the process they're watching, but the freeze-frame allows me to see that he's...actually playing Hangman. Heh. Anyway, they all saw the guy, all their attention is trained on the scene with laser focus. "Third from the end," says Camouflage. "That's the stash." "Some real raggedy-ass shit here, boy," Omar opines. "Very sloppy." In another lifetime, Omar would make an excellent management consultant.

Detail office. Kima and McNulty chit-chat as Bubbs bustles around; she asks McNulty's kids' ages, and he reports that "Mike is eight, Sean's ten," and that he sees them every other weekend. Kima asks why his wife would fight his attempts to increase his visitation, and McNulty says she's getting even. Bubbs, having returned to the table with them, pipes up to say, "You must've been fucking around." Heh. Out of the mouths of dope fiends. No one speaks, and Bubbs adds, "I'm just saying!" McNulty tells him he's right. Bubbs says that's "always the case" when a woman wants to get even. McNulty: "Hey, Bubbs -- how come you got all this wisdom and your life's so fucking hard?" Bubbs, chewing a delicious-looking donut: "I've been wondering on that myself." They all chuckle. McNulty asks Kima if she's ever been married. She glances over at Bubbs, whose eyes widen as he takes a sip of coffee and waits to see this awesome reveal play out in front of him. And, seriously, I'm kind of surprised that Herc has better gaydar than McNulty, though I guess it's possible Herc was as unprepared to hear about Kima's orientation whenever that came out (as it were), before the start of the series. ANYWAY, there's a long pause, and McNulty asks, "What'd I say?" Bubbs tells Kima, "If you ain't gonna say anything, I am." "What?" asks McNulty. "If you a dog, you barking at the wrong pussy," says Bubbs deliberately. "What, so I'm a dog now?" scoffs McNulty pleasantly. Dude. Seriously? "Meooow!" says Bubbs quietly. "Yo, Bubbs," Kima warns. Dominic West makes that great "McNulty, Flummoxed" face, with his mouth half-open and his jaw off-kilter, and Kima plainly informs him, "I date women." McNulty is totally matter-of-fact as he tells her that they have something else in common, then: "I date women, too." He adds, laughing in disbelief at his own obtuseness, "So pretty much everyone in CID has worked this out but me?" Kima says that there wasn't anything to figure out: "I told them." McNulty sits back, stammering a bit as he says he missed the press conference. Kima explains, "Look, it's better that than having every police on three shifts hounding you every goddamn day." Seriously -- ask Ronnie.

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