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"The King Stays The King"

D'Angelo is hurrying out of the club when he notices Shardene sort of dozing on her forearms at the bar, and comes back. He asks if she remembers him, and she doesn't seem to. He tries to refresh her memory about their first meeting, and she puts on her dowdy-ass glasses to get a better look at him. She's all pissy that he's acting like she should remember him when he didn't even buy a drink, but perks right up when he puts some cash on the bar and orders. Now that she's smiling, he tells her that they're in his uncle's bar. She thinks he means Orlando, but he tells her (stupidly) that Orlando's only the "up-front man," while his uncle provides the capital. He asks where she's from, and she tells him she's from "The Point." He surmises that she's a "country girl." "You mean the county," she corrects him, and he says that, where he's from, the county is the country. She asks where he's from, and he throws her a "W"-shaped gang sign that I'll just go out on a limb and assume stands for "Westside." She asks if he's working with his uncle, and D'Angelo says, "I'm his right hand," Shardene starts stroking D'Angelo's hand, finally guiding it between her legs. Hey, what happened to her not being a whore?

Detail office. Around the table, Carver is reading the paper, McNulty and Kima are working at something, and Bubbs is...keeping warm? Anyway, they're all there when Lester comes in and silently sets a cardboard boxing poster on the table. It's an old card advertising a fight involving Avon Barksdale -- with a photo and everything. "Bingo!" yelps McNulty. Lester walks back to his desk, still without having said a word. Lester! What a bad-ass. Kima asks where he got it. When he doesn't answer, she rolls her chair back, and she and Lester share a look through a narrow opening between a chimney (or something) and the wall where he's hanging up his jacket. Kima chuckles. And that's when we first got a hint that there was more to Lester than dollhouse furniture.

Enter Sydnor, with a flourish. He's kitted out in gigantic, ratty clothes to pass as a junkie. "Now, look at this piece of shit!" cheers Carver, getting up to pull a snap. Bubbs -- who, it's now clear, is there to confirm Sydnor's authenticity -- folds in on himself in the increasingly crowded room as Sydnor models his "torn cammies, by Versace" and "stained sweatshirt by Ralph Lauren." McNulty asks where his mic is. "Down in my dick, man." Here's where the huge pants really start to work for the cops. Sydnor says he figures they won't look there, and Carver kids that, the way he's "twirling around" all gay, it might be the first place they look. Sydnor says he hasn't showered in two days, nor shaved in four: "Right now, I am one ripe, nasty son of a bitch." Bubbs is like, "Um, thanks. I'm right here." Speaking of whom, Kima asks Bubbs what he thinks. He confirms that the clothes are sufficiently tattered, but could use more stains and dirt. Getting up to inspect him more closely, Bubbs indicates Sydnor's hand: "What's this here, man?" Sydnor says it's his wedding ring. Bubbs chuckles: "Shit, you married to the needle, boy!" Sydnor chuckles, and we get a close-up shot of his four-day beard growth (grade: C). "That shit been pawned off, if you for real," Bubbs adds, of the ring. "It's a dead giveaway." Bubbs also says Sydnor could stand twenty fewer pounds, yellow teeth, and some "fresh bleeds" on his hands. Sydnor jokes that maybe he should go out and shoot up dope for a couple of years, and Bubbs tells him the more "tore down" he looks, the better, since they're going to check out everything when Sydnor goes down to the Towers. Bubbs sits back down as Sydnor asks about his shoes -- scuffed white sneakers, from what I can see. Bubbs asks to see them, and Sydnor obligingly puts a foot up on Bubbs's knee, so we can see that the sole is clean. Bubbs explains, "You walking down them alleys in the Projects, man, you stepping on some dead soldiers...empty vials." Taking off his own shoe to demonstrate, he says that stomped vials are the best way to tell if "a fiend" is legit. Sydnor's like, "Gross." He's dismayed for a moment, until Kima asks if Bubbs hurt his feelings, and Sydnor's like, "Kind of!"

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