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KD: Let's get back to Season 5. You get a call from the assistant... CA: She said it was a courtesy call [to let me know to show up to work], and I started laughing, because I was elated. I was at my parents' house in Virginia. I went upstairs and said something to my dad, who was reading the paper. He's a retired cop, and so many people in law enforcement and government love The Wire, just eat it up, and years later still ask if I'm coming back. So I said to my dad, "Guess I'm going to go for a jog, gotta get in shape...cause I'm coming back to The Wire this season." He just looked at me, and I'll never forget that look. My parents have worked so hard and I cannot describe the blessing it is to call my parents and say I've been blessed with another job. I was so excited to walk up there and tell my dad that. I loved that show, and I loved working on it. Despite us not earning Emmys or so forth, it was such a great project to be a part of. I would love it if they said, "Just kidding, there's going to be a Season 6." KD: So would a lot of people. So will we see more of you on Season 5? CA: [long pause ] I -- well -- I guess I can't answer that. [pause] I know when to shut up. I can just see David looking at me in the back of my head. KD: How is he to work with? Is he hands-on? CA: David Simon is hands-on, but not in a micromanaging sense of the word. He was hands-on, but with the most amount of easygoing-ness one could handle. He was a joy to be around, and Ed Burns, too. David with his journalism background and Ed with [his] law-enforcement background made the perfect team. These guys are great. No one in Hollywood is ever going say, "Oh, those guys are horrible to work with" about anyone, but if someone is terrible to work with, I wouldn't say nice things. They were great to be around, and great to work with. Many times I would have questions, and I could not have had a greater response. There were always so willing to help. They were in it for the project. KD: Who's your favorite character? CA: Other than myself? I really like Marlo. Jamie does such a great job with his character. He's got the look that Sergei has, where he doesn't have to say anything. He knows what he can do and everyone around him knows what he can do. I love my character most, and most actors and actresses would say that about their characters. It adds something different, the violent aspect. It just adds something more. If it wasn't me? Marlo, and Andre Royo's Bubbles. That man is amazing.

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