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"And Then He Dropped The Bracelets..."

We open with a slow pan up Bubbs, sitting on a park bench, in clean clothes, and with most of his facial sores at least on their way to healing. He's bathed in beatific light as he watches three girls scampering around, playing with bubbles. But not with Bubbles, who we see again, sitting on his bench, barely even looking creepy as a grown man hanging around a park for no apparent reason. He glances over as a knot of moms go by, chatting among themselves. Poor Bubbs actually seems tortured by the gorgeous sun of the day, until he glances toward the edge of the park and sees a guy scoring drugs of some sort. And then a guy we haven't seen before greets Bubbs by name as he walks by. Bubbs, all atwitter, looks from the wholesome scene of kids playing to the unsavory one of dudes buying dope, but -- with all his effort -- manages to listen to the angel on his shoulder and keep his butt parked.

"And then he dropped the bracelets..." -- Greggs. Yes, that David Copperfield does put on a good show, doesn't he?

At Orlando's, the bar is closed, but Wee-Bey's behind the bar, taking the blame for Omar's attempted murder of Avon. The fact that Wee-Bey has his visor on cockeyed sort of distracts from his sincerity in this declaration, since he looks like an overgrown toddler who might have a damn slingshot in his back pocket. Avon's not mad, though, and says that if Wee-Bey hadn't pulled up when he did, Avon would have been dead. Wee-Bey wants to know how they come back on Omar (though he uses a bad word in place of his Christian name), and Avon surprises this viewer by agreeing with Stringer that they should back off Omar for the time being. Wee-Bey crosses his arms and pouts, and Avon gives Stringer credit for taking a calmer position, finally. Stringer nods, and Avon turns to Wee-Bey to tell him he should put the word out that the Barksdalies are willing to "squash this, if he is." Wee-Bey, angrily flapping his hands, asks what happens if Omar isn't down with that plan. "No, this nigger live in the town, too," says Stringer. "He gonna listen, if we parley." Wee-Bey gets it: when Omar "crawl out of his hole--" "Boom," says Stringer.

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