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"And Then He Dropped The Bracelets..."

Detail office. Wallace chews on a piece of licorice as he watches a TV news report involving Clay Davis: surprising no one, Davis is promising to raise a lot of money, and spend a lot of money, to get the mayor re-elected. I don't know how Daniels could ever think there'd be money for a hotel room -- even a crappy one -- when he can't even afford a colour TV. Anyway, Daniels rolls in and asks, "You ready?" Wallace silently offers Daniels a Twizzler, and he politely takes it, promising that they'll go get dinner. Wallace shrugs that he isn't that hungry. Daniels lets that pass, kindly saying, "Come on." Wallace gets up veeeeeeeeeeery slowly, like an old man. Daniels narrows his eyes and asks how much Wallace had been using, and Wallace just gazes at him frankly, as if to say, "Not enough." "I'm asking if you're going to be sick in my car," murmurs Daniels, as nicely as possible. Wallace admits to "a cap now and then." Daniels asks if he was just snorting, and Wallace nods faintly. Daniels promises that Wallace will be all right in a day or two, and they take off.

At an open-air mall, Stringer stands at a fountain, waiting. Proposition Joe rolls up shortly, and Stringer wonders whether Omar's going to show up. Prop Joe: "Said he would, if I guaranteed a parley. And I'm here on it. Of course, he said y'all would be paying my fee rather than his own self." Stringer is surprised to hear there's a fee involved, and Joe explains, "I'm doing like one of them marriage counselors. Charge by the hour to tell some fool he need to bring some flowers home." Hee! Flowers, a milkshake...depends on whom you're trying to woo. "Then charge another hour telling the bitch she oughta suck some cock every little once in a while...Speaking of cocksuckers." Omar rolls up, his shoulder apparently having been seen to, and Prop Joe introduces himself formally: "You ever steal from me, I'll kill your whole family." To both parleyers, he announces, "You all both here on my guarantee, so respect that shit and say what you feel." With that, he takes his leave. Stringer starts walking, and Omar follows, half a pace behind. Stringer says he's got a man who says he's going to give Omar his life back. "Who, Barksdale?" asks Omar. Stringer reports that if Omar can find a way not to steal from the Barksdales, they can "call this shit even." Omar reminds Stringer what the Barksdalies have taken from him: "Y'all think after what you did to Brandon, we supposed to find some even on this?" Stringer claims not to know "shit about shit," and that he's just the messenger. Omar's like, "Whatever, man." Stringer points out that "there's dead on both sides," and will be more if the "beef" doesn't end soon, but that Omar needs to recall that "there be more soldiers on one half than the other." Omar exhales, and then gives Stringer a reply: "Look here, son. You tell Barksdale that he's been paid back for what he did to my peoples. But as for his product, well, a man's got to earn a living, you know?" Stringer says that he doesn't know anyone named Barksdale, but that the man he represents can't "have his shit taken like that." Omar suggests that Stringer's boss throw Omar some cash: "And we'll see." He offers $5000 or $10,000 as examples: "For my retirement." "Five if you can keep quiet about it," says Stringer, as we see that McNulty is listening to the whole conversation. Omar tells Stringer to send it through Prop Joe. Stringer says that if it goes through Joe, Omar won't see $2,000 of it. He tries to get Omar to say where he's going to be, but Omar refuses, saying that they'll figure something else out, and that he'll be in touch.

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