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"And Then He Dropped The Bracelets..."

Mock Turtleneck decides this is the moment to ask Kima how she knew she wanted to be a cop: "I mean, how did you choose that?" Cheryl looks uncomfortable at this line of discussion, and leans back to wait it out. Kima acts reticent, but when Tanya's smoochee goads her, she finally relents: "I remember when I was in the Northeast, still field-training as a cadet. I didn't know if I was gonna stick with it or not." Cheryl: "[Bitchface]." Kima: "We chased this purse-snatcher up into these apartments. I got separated from my FTO. And, shit, I ain't even no police yet. You know? I'm just a trainee. And I'm alone. Anyway, I mean, I don't know how, but I find the guy. So I catch him and I hold onto him and I manage to get my radio." Everyone at the table is listening raptly, except Cheryl, who is broadcasting with every pore how much she wishes Kima were talking about the early days of her career as a CPA. Kima: We in the middle of this parking lot and we're rolling around and shit, and this motherfucker's steady kicking my ass trying to get away. And I look over and I see these black patents and these uniform blue pants. I look up, and it's Charlie Smoot. Charlie fucking Smoot. You know, this guy's a legend." Cheryl: "[Bitchface Supreme]." Kima: "He looks down at me and he smiles, you know, real quiet-like. And he drops his cuffs. He says, 'Here you go, rook.'" She shrugs: "That's all he says. 'Here you go, rook.' And then he dropped the bracelets and walked away." Cheryl: "[Bitchface Extraordinaire]." Kima tells Cheryl, "I mean, I know you don't like it." Cheryl: "[Ultimate Mega-Bitchface Of Silent Fury]." Kima: "But shit, I was proud." She looks like she might start crying, and finally Cheryl decides to quit coozing up everyone's nice night and pulls Kima to her for a kiss. Mock Turtleneck eats it up, and Cheryl takes another shot. Shut up, Cheryl.

Morning. A sanitation worker goes about his route...until he arrives at one particular address, whereupon Prez and Sydnor, uniformed as garbagemen, appear from behind the truck and take the trash themselves. Don't need a gun for that! As the truck pulls away, Sydnor and Prez hanging off with the trash in their hands, we get confirmation (in case we couldn't figure it out on our own) that they've taken the garbage from the stash house.

Detail office. Time for a scavenger hunt in the trash! What could be more fun -- or rewarding? They've spread out the contents of the bags -- disposable pie plates, vials, baking soda, etc. -- on the table and are taking photos. Sydnor reminds us that Lester's said they're not going to try for a warrant on the stash house: "How do we not with all this PC?" Time for a lesson. "We're on the main stash, right?" starts Kima. "Why would we kick the door in when all we have to do is park a van down the street and follow the entire Westside drug supply in and out of the place?" McNulty takes up the thread: "We're gonna start picking up pieces of Barksdale's world we never even knew about." From the shadows, a figure emerges, complaining that it's been hell to find them: "What the hell's the name of this unit anyway?" It's Wiggins, beautifully picking up McNulty's cue with regard to the pieces of Barksdale's world that the detail never even knew about. Kima starts cracking up, and Wiggins crows, "Aw, shit, Kima in the house." They pull snaps, and Kima introduces Wiggins to the detail, adding that they shouldn't pay any attention to him since he's "90 to 95% bullshit." Wiggins shoots back, "Kima, she just talk like that because I had her when she was good." "Shit, you the ugly-ass motherfucker turned me the other way," Kima replies. Wiggins grins, holding his heart clowning like that one really hurt, and sits down to tell them about picking up Orlando, hearing about Barksdale, and putting the name in DECS to find that Avon's an active Baltimore city target. Wiggins went to Narcotics and got sent to the detail. Tough break for Orlando.

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